Alec Baldwin goes on wild tweet rant about sexual harassment claims, DML responds


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Written by DML
Liberal activist and Trump-hater Alec Baldwin went on the attack Wednesday, but this time he didn’t go after the president.  No, this time he went after late night hosts John Oliver and Stephen Colbert for acting like “grand juries.“

Baldwin ranted and raved on Twitter Wednesday about the way in which late night hosts are discussing sexual misconduct allegations in Hollywood.

Baldwin wrote: “Talk shows were once promotional pit stops for some blithe chit chat about movies, etc. Now the likes of and have flipped that and they are beginning to resemble grand juries.”

Baldwin appeared to be reacting to the headlines from Tuesday.  Oliver and Hoffman had gone head to head during an on stage discussion about the sexual misconduct allegations made against the Tootsie star.   Learn more by clicking here.

Seeing he was catching headlines with his first Twitter rant, Baldwin took to Twitter again later in the evening. This time he launched a 5-part message:

1- I believe that, in terms of a criminal code or any wrong doing, there are gradations. Our system recognizes a misdemeanor from a felony and so forth. What Hoffman did several years ago was vulgar/offensive/ crude. But was it done with malice?

2- behavior has changed significantly over the past 40-50 years. There are changes I never thought possible. Some of it actually for the better. But I’m certain Hoffman believed that there was a crude display of “humor” that everyone was in on yet is unacceptable today

3- I think that so long as people are ready, truly ready to learn, then this is more than an important step. I don’t think Hoffman was malicious. His humor, his sexualized behavior seems ridiculous and inappropriate now. But it was, to a degree, of it’s time.

4-I think he is a sensitive and intelligent man who acted foolishly and people should accept his apology. Our goal should be for people to do better. For those like HW a different standard should apply.

5- But some of those embroiled in this upheaval deserve forgiveness. Perhaps only a few. This world is difficult enough as it is. Let’s conserve our judgement for those that have truly earned it.

Baldwin was referring to Harvey Weinstein when writing “HW” in tweet #4.

I find Baldwin to be a walking contradiction.  He will disrespect the president on a weekly basis, pushing a false narrative in many cases hoping for Trump to take a fall.  But when it comes to the wrong-doings of his pals in Hollywood, he wants to ignore the poor behavior — chalking it up to a “display of humor” from the good ole’ days.

Baldwin sounds like he’s trying to soften the blow for what is no doubt a possibility… how long until someone makes a claim about him?

Lets not forget what he is capable of doing when it comes to the treatment of a female.  This is a man who said the most vulgar things a father can say to his own daughter.  She was just 11-years-old at the time when Baldwin left a voicemail that shocked the country.  He called her a “thoughtless little pig,” remember that one?  He cursed at her, threatened her, and belittled the child for 2-minutes.  I would post the link to the recording, but I will refrain from doing so out of respect to his daughter.

That said, I tweeted back at Baldwin:
“WOW! U hit w/BS on SNL hoping he falls. Ur Hoffman rant sounds like u dfending ur own wrongs. Can only guess what u did 2girls. I remembr u calling ur daughter a LITTLE PIG. That just u being old school? Lets talk about ur vmail next time we meet face2face at gym”

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