Cost of open borders exposed in Muslim refugee oath (video)

MARCH 10, 2018

The first three films that Dennis Michael Lynch produced on illegal immigration over the past several years have had lasting impacts, exposing the costs of illegal immigration to America in a way many have never seen before.

Now DML is currently producing his fourth documentary on illegal immigration – They Come to America 4: The Cost of Open Borders.  He says it will be the most important film he’s made on the topic of immigration. It is expected to be complete spring 2018.

An report published on DML News recently is an excellent confirmation of why it is so important for Americans to know the truth, as it exposes the real costs to America of open borders, where migrants are moving into American communities, and, instead of adapting to American culture, they are imposing their own cultures on America.

The following video (NOT filmed by DML) is of a swearing in ceremony that occurred in November in Minneapolis, MN. A.K. Hassan, a refugee from Somalia, has now entered American politics. Hassan was elected to the Minneapolis Park Board in the November 2017 elections, and took his oath of office on January 2 – with his left hand placed firmly over the Koran. After he took his oath, Hassan then opened his Koran and declared, “In the name of the Allah….” and said “Allah has honored me… so be careful to serve all the needs of all the creation of Allah.”

 Please watch the video, then scroll down for an important message! 

In producing They Come to America 4: The Cost of Open Borders, DML is on a mission to make sure the truth is revealed… before American culture is wiped away forever.

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