DACA FRUSTRATION: Trump campaign worker sends letter to DML


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Written by DML
I’ve been writing a book for nearly a year.  It’s called Fighting For Trump, and it tells the stories of Americans who fought for Trump to win the White House despite it coming at great personal expense.

I’ve interviewed people who lost their children and family members over their support of Trump. Some people lost their jobs, others got beat up physically.  Intertwined through the stories is my own personal journey as it connects to Trump.  I share stories never told before.

With DACA on the cusp of being reality, I am receiving a flood of emails from people throughout the country who feel manipulated and cheated by the man they fought so hard for.  Below is an email from one of Trump’s campaign workers.  It reflects the downside of Fighting For Trump.

Today I went to a rally for the top polling GOP (also pro-Trump) gubernatorial candidate in CA, Travis Allen, though he has almost no chance of advancing to the general election.

I met lots of the top CA Trump campaign people I hadn’t seen since last year. Sadly, all of them I spoke with today think Trump is doing a fantastic job, playing chess even. However, for every volunteer that thinks he can do no wrong, I have spoken with another volunteer who is furious with the job he’s doing.

The only thing that gave them pause about this immigration framework was mentioning the fact that chain migration would not end for 10-20 years. Why do we even need a deal at all? No deal is better than a bad one. Just enforce the law and let them go back on their own. I talked to about 100 Allen supporters today and almost all of them thought I was nuts to suggest the wall won’t get built even with funding.

I feel like I’m living in the movie Groundhog Day. 2016 was electrifying but right now I feel worse than when Obama was elected. At least then I knew what to expect. Trump will get away with far more than Obama or Hillary ever could and this scares the hell out of me.

After all we sacrificed to get him elected, it’s disgraceful how he’s turned his back on us.

Nobody did more than you Dennis.

Before I joined his campaign, I drove hundreds of miles through the snow to several of his rallies in a different state to speak with him about immigration, which I did every time. I would get no sleep and then stand for 8 hours in the cold to be sure I was first in the door.

At these events I met so many great people:

1) There was the former Underwater Demolition Team swimmer I saw every time who said Trump was the only person in the world he’d take a bullet for

2) There was the World War 2 vet who said he could finally die peacefully knowing that Trump would fix our problems

3) There was the woman who nearly lost her marriage of 30 years for supporting Trump

4) There was the guy who got his nose broken by protestors at a Trump rally

5) There was the guy who lost his job because his co-workers accused him of harassment after they found out he was a Trump supporter

6) There was the 86 year old on oxygen who spent most of his savings to get from CA to NV just to help Trump campaign for a week

And not to mention the many countless others who put themselves out there, faced ridicule, lost relationships, and donated endless time we could have spent with loved ones.

Trump owes it to us to keep his promises.

I think it’ll take a miracle for this amnesty not to pass but I’ll keep fighting to make sure it doesn’t.

— Ryan

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