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AUGUST 12, 2019

Written by DML
The First Annual TeamDML Meet & Greet event is scheduled for October 26.  The 4-hour event includes a LIVE stage program hosted by yours truly.  Music, entertaining and educational never before seen films clips, and engaging interviews will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.  Following the LIVE stage program will be a 90-minute social event held in the lobby area.  Beer, wine, soda, water, and finger foods will be available at no cost.  The event is being held at the beautiful Rinker Theater in West Palm Beach, Florida.  For tickets to the event, click here.

During the LIVE program, I will host two panels.  One panel will include public figures to discuss the biggest issues in America and how to solve them, plus how to get President Trump reelected.  Many of these guests appear on Fox News, and have been interviewed by me in the past.  A second panel is being formed, and you can be part of that panel.

The panel will include members of TeamDML who will go on stage and take part in a discussion with me. So far we have 3 TeamDML members who will be on the panel.  We would like 2 more.  You can be one of those two members by donating to the DML FOUNDATION today.

For a donation of $250, you can be one of the panel guests on stage with me.  More information will be provided to you in the weeks to come if you make the donation today.  Information includes a certificate for tax purposes.  Your $250 is tax deductible.

DONATE $250 now and be on stage!

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