DML: I answer some of your emails

BY TEAM DML / MAY 14, 2018 /

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Below are the responses I’ve given to some of the emails you sent me this weekend past.

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DML may God bless you and your team as you launch your tour today.  I donated to your cause because I believe in you more than any other public figure in the news or in DC.

DML: Thank you Lori.  The donations are so very helpful.

Will you be providing a link to the online petition for e-verify? I want to sign it! I have my DVDs and want to send to the White House with a copy of the petition.

DML: Yes, we will be providing it tomorrow. I urge everyone to participate in the DVD program. The time is now.

Hi Dennis! I am so excited to see you travel the USA to help make it great again.  I have the new DML NEWS APP and want to know where your videos will be?  Thank you!!!! See you in Denver hopefully.

DML:  The new DML NEW APP has a tab at the bottom named VIRAL.  Each day the VIRAL VIDEO OF THE DAY will be from our trip.  If you do not have the new app, you will not see these videos as the links will be posted nowhere else.   Without the DML NEWS APP, people won’t see our daily videos.   We will try to do a Facebook LIVE from time to time.  I will not be hosting the 10am show on Facebook this month as I travel.  It’s time to get away from Facebook.  This is my break away moment, hopefully.

I see these videos you are posting from GAZA STRIP and realize how crazy these people can be.  There is never going to be peace in the Middle East.

DML: It is hard to argue with you.  Did you see the photos?  The photos are incredible.

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