DML on location: Islanders don’t want the illegal Haitians (video)

JANUARY 12, 2018

Written by DML
I can’t get into specifics, and I will not divulge my location, but in short I have been filming this week for “They Come to America 4.”  Believe it or not, the location I decided to film is getting crushed by Haitian illegal immigrants who are destroying what was once a paradise island.

“There are more illegal Haitians than there are native islanders here,” a local told me during my travels in uncovering how illegal immigration takes shape in other areas not far from the USA.

The focus of my investigation was how Haitians are fleeing Haiti and taking advantage of immigration systems that are lax, e.g. the USA.  I had no idea when focusing on this aspect of immigration that President Trump would have made the statements he did about Haiti this week. Let me say this, the islanders I am speaking to say Trump is spot on correct.

The amount of people the US is taking in from the 3rd world is insane, and if we use other areas of the world as examples of what America will look like if we continue, it is eye-opening.  This is why I am filming where I am today, and all this week past.

Haitians are being smuggled into this small island by the hundreds each week, and it’s breaking the back of local construction workers and school districts.

Smugglers here will admit they are in the business of smuggling, and they hate the impact it is having on the island, but if they don’t do it, someone else will. “There is so much money to be made, even the border patrol is in on it,” one man told me.

One man told me the Haitians do to his island what they did to their own home. Then I took a look around myself, and he wasn’t lying.  I will show this in my film.

In the video clip below, I ask a local islander how he feels about the illegal immigration taking place in his home island. He says he hates it. He doesn’t want the Haitians to enter because he says “they destroy the place, they live in huts and work for peanuts — making it near impossible for legal workers to earn a fair wage.”

Also shown are the water jugs left behind by illegals who travel by sea to make it to this island.  Help us get this film out to the masses, donate to DML News today. Click here.