DML Op-Ed: The differing, biased reactions to Flynn and Mueller


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Written by DML
Special investigator Robert Mueller suggested Tuesday to a US federal court that General Michael Flynn be given no prison time for lying under oath regarding his dealings with Russian officials while serving as a member of the Trump team.

Stating that Flynn had been extremely cooperative and helpful to his investigation, Mueller’s report offers numerous redactions, thus, leading most pundits to believe the investigation into Russia collusion is far from over for President Trump.

Reaction to this new development is wide ranging, but falls under the typical rhetoric spewed by cable news outlets who tend to report based on ideology instead of substance. There is no better example than two videos below.

The first is from Sean Hannity, who last month stumped with Trump in pushing for a GOP candidate in Missouri.  The move, which was criticized by his own employer Fox News, is not something a news host would do if he or she wants to maintain credibility.

The second video is from CNN.  The network goes out of its way daily to make the president’s life miserable, often exaggerating comments and reports that may provide an opportunity to make Trump look unfairly foolish or overly guilty.

In the end, I fall on the side of truth.  The truth is the Mueller investigation is costly and slow-going, but it’s also a ratings boom for both Fox and CNN.  Sean Hannity and Don Lemon are laughing all the way to the bank.  Literally.  See photo:

The truth is this Russia investigation, love it or hate, has very little to do with Russia and everything to do with getting Trump impeached.  It is not close to being over and so the president will be dealing with this black cloud well into 2019.

Truth is Flynn’s military service to America is honorable, but it doesn’t mean he can lie under oath.  He lied.  Bottom line. Mueller has ultimately let him off the hook, despite causing him huge financial losses in the process.  That said, Flynn is not a victim.

Ask Flynn what he’d prefer — having to pay lawyers or spending years in jail, and I think he picks paying lawyers to defend his position.  Flynn, to regain his financial losses, will write a book and pocket millions of dollars in months and years to come.  Don’t worry about General Flynn long term.  He will come out with more money than he started with.

The truth is, President Trump surrounded himself with less than credible people during his campaign.  Paul Manafort is a money launderer.  Michael Cohen is a dishonest, bottom feeding lawyer who lied and cheated.  Roger Stone is the sort of slime you never want your daughter to marry.  When I held the most popular show on NewsmaxTV, I would never book Stone.  I found him to be a liar and unhinged.

Bottom line: When you deal with the dirt, you often come out dirty.  The Mueller investigation is operating under that sort of bottom line thinking.

The redactions on the Mueller report about Flynn, when combined with what is actually presented for reading by the public, leads me to believe Mueller is onto something “financial” with Trump, and it’s something of substance that has Trump concerned.  Does it pertain to Russia?  I can’t tell you with any certainty.  It would be a guess on my part.


  1. Dee Whigham December 5th, 2018 at 8:55 am

    Mueller asked for no jail time for Flynn cause he knows he didn’t do anything! The FBI said he didn’t lie!


  2. Joretta Hutton December 5th, 2018 at 9:32 am

    It’s all about power and bringing the President down for Mueller.


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