DML remains locked out of Facebook, here is the letter he sent them


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DML sent the letter below to Facebook on Monday evening as he continues to be locked out from his account.  We reported about this earlier.  You can get the details by clicking here.  Meanwhile, we hope you will share this post on Facebook and help DML get the answers we all deserve.

To whom it may concern:
I am seeking a few comments from Facebook.

Facebook continues to limit my page reach despite the investments I’ve made in the Facebook tools for publishers.

1) I have advertised with Facebook but experience lots of problems, and as a result suffer financial losses at times.

For example, I have advertised with FB to help build my page LIKES.  I’ve done this based on the solicitations FB sends me, e.g. “get more likes.”  Although I continue to buy what you’re selling, the result is either:
(A) I lose the LIKES, or
(B) the ability to reach the people liking my page is stripped away.

I have on file hundreds of emails and comments from people who say my page was “mysteriously unliked.”  Others say they no longer see me in their news feed despite having my page marked as “see first.”  Please tell me why is this?

2) I have made a significant investment in Facebook LIVE. 

To date, I have spent approximately $250,000 in creating a Facebook LIVE program which currently stands as the most popular political show on Facebook during the hour in which it airs.

In fact, from what I can tell, there is no other political show airing on Facebook — at any time period — that grabs as many LIVE viewers as I do Monday thru Friday.

Despite this being the case, I can’t get anyone at Facebook to assist me when asking for an account rep to help my organization grow via your advertising program.  In short, I want to spend my money with Facebook, but I can’t get an account rep. Why is this?

Despite my sizable following, and despite my content being professionally produced and in line with other conservative shows, unlike my competitors I am not invited to participate in the FB advertising partnership program.  Why is this?

I realize FB is a huge platform and thus, there is going to be problems, but it’s hard to ignore the feeling that I am singled out at times.  I have so many examples I can share.  That said, I don’t want to be an adversary — I want to be a partner.

I desperately want to partner with Facebook and grow with you.  But no matter how hard I try, no matter how often I ask, no matter how much I spend, I am ignored by Facebook, and the reach for our page is always limited and restricted.  I speak to other publishers my size and bigger — none of them experience what I do.

Today, I was blocked from my own account.  Facebook claims a “security check” is required.  When I entered the code sent to my cellphone by Facebook, it would not accept the code and prodded me to request another code be sent to my phone.  I did this repeatedly until finally, no additional code was sent.  I remain locked out of my account and stand to suffer losses as a result.  Does the code generator not work?
NOTE: I did not login from a new IP address, and no warning was issued to my email about a foreign actor trying to access the account.

There has been an ongoing complaint among conservative publishers that FB unfairly lashes out at anyone who shares opinions that do not align with Mr. Zuckerberg’s ideology.   It’s hard to ignore these claims considering what I’ve shared with you here.   It feels silly to ask, but is there a crackdown on conservatives?  If so, why?

Although I may not align with Facebook’s political ideology, I respect and admire your company’s growth and the value you offer the world.  That said, I have done nothing wrong.

My team is honest, and we abide by your community standards even when we think they are biased.  I employ Americans from coast to coast, and they never post fake news.  I’ve spent money with FB, and I promote your brand throughout the day.  Why would these things not be embraced?

I apologize for the long email, but I have never sent an email of this kind before, and I hope to never have to send one again.  Politely, I request Facebook provide me with a response, and I ask for the security check on my account to be lifted immediately.

I thank you for your consideration, and hope this matter can be resolved quickly.

Dennis Michael Lynch

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