DML: I Respond to 4 Interesting Emails You Sent Me


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Each day, our amazing readers and viewers send messages to me. Today, I respond to four of those messages.

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Hi DML, I have written you emails before. Many are longer than this. This email is short and sweet. Your email to President Trump. SPOT ON. THANK YOU for keeping your word and speaking the TRUTH and all the words that we, the small body AMERICANS want to say. Keep it up.  – Julie from Michigan.

DML: I respect the president, and I will fight for him, thus, the title of my upcoming book, “Fighting For Trump” (Summer 2018). But my first responsibilities are to my country, my family, and the American people (you). I will not hold back from defending those three things. Amnesty is not an option.

Hi DML, I’ve attached some of what my silly liberal teacher friends are frothing at the mouth over. There is SO much bogus stuff out there. They eat up every word. How can we best rebuff this crap?
I feel like Trump’s plan for this country is the dessert but too many people can’t (won’t) see past the green beans to get to the dessert! The education community is especially blinded. Love the new studio and format. Especially enjoyed Saturday’s W&T You are so real and your barber is hilarious!  God bless you and your beautiful family. Most sincerely, Colleen. PS ordered my red blanket just now!
From a FB site The Resistance and authored by a Ben Wikler @benwikler

DML: I did not go to the link you offered, and the truth, is I do not need to. I know what these folks say on a daily basis. The way to fight back against such foolish people is to ask the one question nobody can ever answer: “What has Trump done so far in his presidency that has caused you physical pain, financial hardship, or restrictions of any kind?” Case closed when they start crying about his tweets. Thanks for ordering a blanket!

Your letter to President Trump. I totally agree. I knew this was the catch as soon as McCain said he would support the tax bill. I worry that with the promise of job creation from these tax cuts, that Trump thinks we’ll be so grateful and hopeful to have jobs again that we won’t even notice our sovereignty being given away. Let’s be honest, most of these tax savings will probably find their way back into cheap labor, C-suite salaries, etc. To complicate matters, this really might be the case if we go to war with North Korea. Maybe people really would be too pre-occupied to worry about DACA if something were to happen on U.S. soil.

I haven’t had time to really dig into the tax bill, but it seems just kinda whatever. If Trump’s ego needs a win, so be it, just so long as he doesn’t give away the farm to get it.

DML: The tax bill is like making a $10,000 investment and getting back $10,050. It’s like, “cool,” but you expected and hoped for more unless you’re a corporation. Businesses, especially big businesses, are thrilled. This entire plan is based on the notion that a 20% corp tax rate will spur job growth. That growth is expected to lift the middle class, assuming the extra money is handed down to them in salaries and pay raises. Don’t hold your breath on that one. It certainly is not the “once in a generation” opportunity they tout it to be. This country needs a flat tax. As for your other points, I concur.

I absolutely loved the photos of your family and pup. Thank you for posting.

DML: They are super cool! Thanks.

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