DML: I Respond to 4 Interesting Emails You Sent Me


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Each day, we receive a large number of comments and messages from our readers. Today, I respond to four of them, plus post a few photos people sent us.

To send a photo — and it can be about anything you like — use the [email protected] address. To send a message, or to ask DML a question on his nightly broadcast (6 p.m. EDT), use the submit news button.

DML I love the idea of having you twice per day because I do not rely on any other news service than yours.  I find it to be the perfect mix from you and the team.  The DML app gives me the information I need to know during the day although I will admit I do not read all the stories.  You being live on Facebook twice is better than just the one time.  The morning show is so educational (yesterday was the best show to date).  The night show is really cool because I love you answering the viewer questions.  This house loves DML!

DML: I appreciate your comments. Our 11 a.m. show will continue to air on M-F. My nighttime appearance at 6 p.m. EDT will be a steady thing — but there will be days when I am not available, so please know this is not locked in stone. When I do broadcast, it will be on

Dennis, I love your “life experience” stories, therefore I declare you the next “Most Interesting Man In The World”, sincerely!

DML: I have lived a very interesting life, to date. As far as being the most interesting man in the world, I don’t know about that… Trump is pretty interesting and worldly. I’m a homebody. Mary wants me to go back to getting an agent to shop-around “The Truth.” We argued over this last night (politely); I ultimately won. I rejected the idea — I like things to be simple. But if you wanted to give me a title, I’d rather be the “most trusted man in the world.”

Trump impeachment ad just ran during Fox & friends (7:30 am) …. disgusting!! Now watching HGTV… always wanted to know more about “container homes.” 🙂 Have a good day, Dennis. Thank you for all you do!!

DML: Thanks for the tip. I will go into the archives and pull it to show again today on “The Truth.” I absolutely cannot stand Fox News anymore.

DML do you really think Roy Moore will win and become a Senator, or do you think the GOP will toss up roadblocks?

DML: Senator Moore (R-Ala.)



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