DML: I Respond to Some of Your Emails


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Below, I respond to some of the emails you sent me over the past 24-hours.

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No. I cannot afford Obamacare.  I thank you for this poll and hope you sent it to Trump.

DML: Thanks for taking the poll, Paul.

Trump’s ego. Hey Dennis, the thought came to me to get Trumps attention by returning all the MAGA HATS AND CAMPAIGN PARAPHERNALIA!  Just mail all of it back to him personally! There’s no way he can ignore this!

DML: I love this idea.  DACA is not an option.  I will announce the your idea on The Truth today.

I was broken hearted over the story you ran about the woman who cannot afford her trips to the hospital to be treated for dialysis.  I looked her up to offer a donation and found there was a GoFundMe page in her name set up by someone.  Thanks for running the story DML.  I hope Trump wakes up soon.

DML: It’s great that the woman in the story will get the funding she needs via charitable people, but is America going to become one big GoFundMe account?  The only reason why this woman is getting the money is because the news covered her story.  How many millions of Americans aren’t getting the camera placed in front of them, think of it in those terms and it’s super heartbreaking.

DML, thank you for all your efforts and truth trying to cure the immigration insanity killing this country. Concerned American’s have made phone calls, written emails and letters, all to fall on deaf ears!! What recourse do We the People have now? I am one really pissed-off American and totally disgusted with our elected officials! I am done! This house loves DML, Lydia from New Jersey

DML: The last leg is one that I did not want to take, but one I’ve been walking on for weeks now. If you continue to show support for Trump, and if you continue to feed into his ego with terms like, “I love my president” and “I stand by Trump,” he will manipulate us to no end.  He must feel your “love” is turning to “anger” and eventually “hate.”  He is so concerned about being loved that he will walk away from the DACA plans and start listening again.  Remember, this is a guy who said he could shoot someone on 5th Ave and still have his supporters by his side.  He is playing you like a violin.  Fight fire with fire.  I know this guy and how he operates.  Trust me.  No more Mr. Nice Guy routine.  Get mad.

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