DML: I Respond to Some of Your Emails

APRIL 16, 2018

Below are some of the messages I’ve received over the past 24-hours and the responses I’ve given to each.

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DML, You sure hit the ball out of the park last night. Comey’s whole story is belittling to himself and “it’s possible” is very much a non answer to questions that were asked. I couldn’t decide on the poll who was the worse of the three options. They all are crap the needs to be scrapped off of our shoes and thrown into a TOUGH prison. With plenty of restrictions. Thank you for you thoughts and insight. Love the show and I love that you love Ms. Mary. You picked a winner!!

DML: I had so much more to say last night, but I didn’t.  I will say it today at 10am ET.  The new time for THE TRUTH.

Absolutely love the new LIVE CHAT feature under the video of Comey on DML News.

DML: Yes, this week we are rolling out the new website and DML NEWS APP.  We are doing things slowly, and the chat feature if one of the first new features to be released. It will take a few days for people to catch on, but it will be great. CHECK IT OUT.

First thank you for all you do.  Last weeks Truth was awesome each day out doing the previous.  The poll today was very tough to choose.  I picked Obama. My reason as much as I can’t stand Hillary and absolutely despise Comey and think he’s the lowest of the low.  Obama’s transformation of this country put us in a lot of the mess we are in.  Including putting Comey in the position he was in and allowed the lawlessness to run rampant in this great nation.   It’s sad that justice won’t come to these three criminals. While our president get hung out to dry everyday.  With that being said thanks again for your great platform and team you have created and look forward to your new network!  God bless you and your family!

DML: I picked Comey.

You probably already know this but just in case, Barbara Bush, 92, is in rapidly failing health and has ceased treatment for heart disease to be at home with her family. She is not expected to live much longer.

DML: At 92, it’s safe to say she’s lived a long, productive life.  I appreciate her service as first lady.

I know that I sent you a message Friday evening, but I wanted to make sure we were clear that we would love to have you guys.  We were up in Detroit for my 14 year old son’s AAU Basketball tourney this weekend so I just caught the “Wine and Talk”.  It’s funny, Me, my wife, and  both my boys (14 & 11), have the DML app on our iPhones.  So we never miss a notification.  My son was keeping me posted as I drove today.  I am glad to see they are paying attention to what is going on at a young age.  They may not understand it all, but you have to start somewhere.

DML: Great photo, thanks for sharing.