DML: I Respond to Some of Your Emails, plus Trump hat photos


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Below, I answer some of the emails DML readers sent me over the past-24 hours.

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Dennis, I don’t know about you but, I am feeling very depressed about all of these illegal activities (i.e., Clinton, Blumenthal, illegal aliens, etc., etc., etc.) if I ever decided to do something illegal, my buttocks would be thrown in jail & the book thrown at me! Also, if I went to social security tomorrow, I would have to jump through hoops of fire to get back what I earned. I’m pretty sure you’re getting my point! I am a firm believer in JFK’s “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country! (Which seems to be lost in this day & age). Thank you for your time and God Bless

DML: “Money cannot buy happiness.”  The phrase is often debated.  Although the stock market is up, it was up for the last 5 years of the Obama administration.  Although unemployment is down, it was heading downwards since 2011.  I have never seen the country more divided than it is today.  I blame it mostly on the media, but lets not pretend “other people” don’t have a hand in playing the “it’s them against us” narrative.  I find the country to be upside down, still.  I’d rather have less money and bigger smiles.

Hi DML I just would like for you to know that your show yesterday at the end where you asked us to write on the hats has caused a bit of a divide in your group. There was a lady being attacked by fellow conservatives like I’ve never seen before, all for doing what YOU asked her to do. I too was verbally attacked by fellow Trump supporters. I wish you would mention it in your show tomorrow WHY you asked us to do that. I know why, but a LOT of people out there believe differently. It hurts my heart to see fellow Trump supporters attack one another. It just shows how divided this country really is. I wish there was an easy solution to the divide but there isn’t, I had hoped after Trump won we could finally be at peace with each other and it’s only gotten worse. Anyway, I would just like to say Thank you and I appreciate everything you do to keep us informed.

DML: I have to laugh because after weeks of not getting me to change my tune, the haters have gone from calling me nasty names and making false claims about me, to now referring to me as a “snowflake.”  The amazing thing is if any one of these people was to stand in front of me, I am betting all the money in Trump’s pocket that not one would have the spine to say it to my face.  That said, I was once told that the person screaming and cursing the most is the one who is losing the argument.  Each party, and all areas of the country, have its share of “nuts” and “fanatics.”  Unfortunately, it appears we’ve attracted our share in Team DML.  These are the same people who cried when Obama granted DACA, and they protested when he spent money like it grew on trees, and they called him treasonous when Obamacare was signed into law.   These are the same people who are now justifying citizenship for millions of illegals in exchange for nothing that will come to fruition (based on historical data and events), they say nothing about the crazy GOP spending led by Trump, and they seem not to care about Obamacare showing no signs of being repealed and replaced.  They are solely focused on “the memos” and “fake news.”   My mother-in-law once told me not to hold people accountable for what they are incapable of doing. These haters are incapable of making an intelligent argument.  Therefore, my suggestion to you is to keep in mind that these people who attack are: (a) keyboard tough guys / gals who possess little spine, (b) probably hiring illegals behind closed doors, (c) likely to have backgrounds that highlight a lack of credibility, and (d) desperately bored out of their skulls.  I suggest you do what I do at this point…. ignore them.

I want to thank you for standing tall when others are trying to take our you knees for sticking to your principles.

DML: It would be so much easier to pretend amnesty is great, Obamacare is cheap, and Trump is a noble leader.  But I won’t. Thanks!

DML, I just wrote Senator Ted Cruz a very long thank you along with my thoughts on immigration and Trump. Also mentioned you and Michael Cutler! Will be sending my pic of maga hat to the President tomorrow! We no longer have insurance but a Christian ministry plan, Trump needs to put Americans first before he screws everything up. Thanks for everything you do!

DML: Good for you.  The president touted his amnesty plan again this morning.  What a liar he is.  To think he labeled Cruz “lying Ted”.    Below are some of the photos people have sent me…

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