DML shut down by Facebook again during live broadcast over Pence picture


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Today, at 6pm EDT, I held my second LIVE show of the day, only this time it was on our Fighting For Trump Facebook page.

As always, I put a unique visual on the media screen that sits behind my desk.

The visual was an actual tweet published to Twitter by The Atlantic. They also put it on Facebook. It’s a photo of VP President Pence with a halo around his head, thus, making him to appear like Jesus. Under the photo it reads: “God’s Plan for Mike Pence.”

The tweet led to an article on The Atlantic’s website that tells a story which has been marked as “fake news” by the Trump administration.

The report claims that Pence was ready to step in and take over the role as GOP nominee after the Billy Bush / Access Hollywood video surfaced weeks before the election. It goes on to say that Pence told Trump he was no longer willing to serve as VP, and that the former governor from Indiana started a “coup” to remove Trump.

The White House and Pence have both denied this story before, and they did so again today.

I reported on Pence’s denial of  the story this evening. I was 100% defending the president and saying how disgusting it is for The Atlantic to abuse the Trump administration as they are.

Immediately after I was finished reporting the story, I went on to discuss how “fake news” is being allowed to go wild on Facebook if it helps the LEFT get their message out. For example, despite posting fake news about Gen. Flynn and President Trump, ABC News remains a “fact-checker” for Facebook and it’s page is fully operational — reaching 1.2M people this week.

Meanwhile, the Facebook gods are holding back our pages. As we showed earlier today, DML Daily’s reach, and Fighting For Trump’s reach is being restricted for you now.  It is hurting our business, and our reputation — they are discriminating against me for being a conservative. They do this in a way that is impossible to ignore. I then went on to say that a Facebook rep sent me an email that I will no longer be responded to via email by the division that had been helping me.  Click here for email.

The Atlantic’s post remains on Facebook

As I was showing my LIVE audience of 2,500 how Facebook abuses our account, I was also explaining how they’ve made an estimated $60k off my content in the past few months — this is on top of the $100k they took from me for advertisements. As I am explaining this all to my audience, a message pops up on my LIVE screen. Facebook has kicked me out of my account, yet again! 

Despite being kicked out, my LIVE program remained on air. Although I could no no longer see it in the studio, my staff told me the program was still in play.

While on air, I tried to log on to my Facebook account. I showed everyone watching what I was doing. We all saw the message from Facebook — I had been kicked out for posting the Pence tweet behind my head. Thus, I broke their community standards.

Meanwhile, the original post from The Atlantic is in full display on their Facebook page this evening (as shown above).

As noted earlier, our time on Facebook feels like it is coming to an end. I am interviewing lawyers to see who can best help me fight this case. In the interim, tonight I announced a new program for small publishers and groups who can now monetize their online presence by sharing our content on their websites and Facebook pages.  Because of the generosity of our viewership who has sent us so many gifts today, I am able to offer this program completely for free.

It’s a new program to help fight back. If you can help us grow this program and more, please consider helping us out with a donation. I thank you in advance. To donate  click here.

Here is the LIVE program from this evening.

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