DML TV: Bret Baier says Kelly was controlling force that calmed an undisciplined White House

DECEMBER 9, 2018

Written by DML
In my opinion, Bret Baier is the only true journalist who anchors a show on Fox News.

Baier’s ability to report the facts, share the truth, and remain even in his delivery is rare on a network like Fox News.  I say this because over the past two years, Fox News has become a propaganda machine that showers its audience with biased opinions throughout the day for the sake of ratings.

Baier called into Fox News Saturday to share his thoughts and analysis about John Kelly being removed from the White House.  Baier hit the nail on the head.

Kelly’s position as chief of staff now needs to be filled, and Baier weighed in on possible replacements. But what stood out in his interview was Baier’s honesty when speaking about how important Kelly was to a chaotic White House that has never found its footing under the bizarre and frenzied leadership of Trump.

Baier didn’t say it because he can’t, so I will say it for him — with Kelly out of the White House the Trump administration falls deeper into a dark hole and the leaks will once again begin.  But at this point, there isn’t much to leak.

It’s a long interview, but an interview worth listening to if you like the truth.  For those with MAGA hats glued so far down on their heads that the eyes get blinded, I suggest skipping the Baier interview and waiting for Monday to come.  That’s when Hannity is sure to provide nuggets of anti-Kelly messaging in order to remain biased in his lockstep with the most unconventional president of a lifetime who hires illegal aliens.

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  1. Richard December 9th, 2018 at 10:42 am

    Baier does honest reporting, unbiased, which is getting harder to find. Even here the reporting is turning negative towards Trump. Many of us know the type of person that Trump is, he would be able to accomplish much more if he has the full support from his party and the people. Has he done everything he can to stop illegal immigration? No. Has he encouraged eVerify? No. The establishment does NOT want to stop the illegals from coming into the country, they have tied Trump’s hands at every opportunity. The media is becoming 98% negative in an effort to separate him from his supporters, which seems to be working.
    Do I like, or approve of some of his tweets? No. But the media will not do honest reporting of his good accomplishments, this is the only venue he has to tell his side.
    Is Trump perfect? No, but he is what the country needs to shake up the establishment.
    Is the Mueller investigation legitimate? No, it is designed to take down a president elected by the people.
    We the People say NO MORE! The Mueller investigation MUST end.


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