DML TV: Senate votes on Kavanaugh (watch)

SEPTEMBER 28, 2018

DML TV brings you the following must-see video. Watch and CHAT LIVE underneath.

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  1. Skye Rose September 28th, 2018 at 10:04 am

    It is dreary to watch Sen. Feinstein during this live Senate vote. She calls Judge Kavnaugh a liar all the while lying about what she and her office have done. It is time this senator retire. She cannot do her job. Vote her out! Like the prosecutor says, there is no case. This senator continues to beat a drum that has been broken. No one believes you any longer, Sen. Feinstein. This was a partisan smear campaign and no matter how much you deny that, you and the Democrats have shown us just how despicable you people have become.


  2. ZS September 28th, 2018 at 10:36 am

    Watched as much as possible without breaking my tv for the want of reaching thru and smacking certain members, mostly fienstein and leahy. Both never knew ford before this and want to say how ceredible she is. Also they must have went thru the dictionary to find the most daming and descriptive words thrown at Mr. kavanaugh. Everything grassley and hatch said was spot on about the demonrats and the smear campaign they did to Mr. Kavanaugh. Fienstein and leahy need to be replaced they are just getting too damn old. We need to have term limits on the Supreme Court because as people get older they cannot preform the duties of office like they did in their younger years. Hopefully President Trump will address this


  3. Linda September 28th, 2018 at 12:47 pm

    The Democrats are shaking in their 1000 dollar shoes!!!!


  4. Mary S September 28th, 2018 at 6:14 pm

    This is in response to yesterday’s hearings–I can’t watch today’s circus cause my BP would shoot up and my blood start to boil, as the democRats put on another smear show.

    As one who was sexually assalted in my early teens…twice…56 year ago, and not at a drinking party with boys (a testiment to Ford’s loose morals and poor choices), I faught them off. Did I report it, no. Did I tell my parents, no. Did I tell anyone else, no. Did I go for counseling, never. At that age, and I was younger than Ford, you think you did something wrong, that you were at fault, when nothing could have be further from the truth. I never went back to the local business, and I avoided the hired-hand (a relative) working on our farm. Until, one day not too long after the incident, mom told me to go make up the extra bedroom for the hired-hand. I froze and started to shake. Ma had to litterally slapped me out of it. I then told her what happened and she told me…I did nothing wrong, what he did was wrong, he would not be staying, I would never see him again, and I was right in telling her. That’s all I needed to hear…I didn’t do anything wrong. I never saw him again, and if I had I would have walked up to him and planted my cowboy boot as hard as I could into his groin. My parents watched over him at his apartment in a nearby town until the day he died and then they buried him at their expense. If I have any regrets it would be not reporting the local businessman. Hopefully no one else was harmed by that doosh, he’s long past dead too.

    What I experienced in the work place, the gals that reported the guys were fired, and the pervs we’re protected and some promoted to have even more access to women. Over a 20 yr career in gov’t there were several married men that tried to have their way with me, and they all found out the hard way…that was never going to happen. I have a certain respect for Lorena Bobbitt. Go ahead, make my day. I have training, a knife, and the resolve to fight to the death.

    All that said, I found Ford not believable; coached; weak or stupid (not sure which); either a willing participant in the democRat scam attack, or a ignorant pawn…I’m leaning towards former cause she’s a democRat and her brother works for Soros; she’s possibly bought and paid for to do this. And what’s with the childish school girl voice?!–coached, to make her seem innocent and vulnerable. Her therapist is a joke and/or doosh after money, and has certainly not helped her. She can fly all over, frequently, and yet has a problem with this one flight?–that’s BS if I’ve ever heard it. It was evident she really has memory problems…which makes her totally not credable in identifying her supposed attacker. And what’s with the unidentified, unnamed “beach friends” she’s so chummy with to talk to about it and get advice from? I heard no real evidence.

    I don’t doubt by her poor choice of activities she opened herself up for such an incident, (why would she go into a bedroom with any guy?) and therefore probably something did happened. But she was coerced into believing it was K.

    To be fair, K seemed to have evidence he couldn’t have been there. Yet, his responses to some questions were extremely weak and screamed to me that…he was no saint at that time either. Yet he obviously got his act together and has lead an honorable life since, and I hope he becomes a SCJ.


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