EXCLUSIVE: Alyssa Milano accused of betraying #MeToo

JUNE 10, 2019

Liberal actress Alyssa Milano was accused of betraying the #MeToo movement on Monday over her support for, and defense of, Joe Biden.

Biden, former Vice President and twice-failed presidential candidate, has a history of being overly friendly and physically invasive with women.  In an article from Breitbart News, Editor-At-Large John Nolte says Biden is the only Democrat known for “a serial young girl-touching problem,” yet the “#MeToo Princess Alyssa Milano is not only advising Joe Biden, she considers him a pal and makes excuses for him.”

From the article:

As we all now know, Biden has been inappropriately handsy with women and young girls for years. His bizarre acts of “affection” have made numerous women and children visibly uncomfortable and even some left-wing Democrats, like former state Senator Lucy Flores (D-NV), have had the courage to come forward to talk about it.

Regardless, because he’s a leftist who will always be protected by our corrupt establishment media, hair-sniffer Biden has not only denied what is clearly captured on video after video and regularly jokes about all his unwanted pawing, he still refuses to control himself.

And look who’s riding to the rescue… Alyssa Milano.

Nolte notes that Milano resurrected herself from semi-obscurity as a #MeToo advocate over the last couple years, denouncing the victimization and abuse of women.  She has also been anti-President Trump and pro-progressive ideas. Yet she has “betrayed all that by” with her support for Biden, Nolte says.

“She also calls Uncle Handsy a ‘friend’ and portrays him as a champion of women,” Nolte writes.

After calling Biden a “friend” on Twitter in April, Milano wrote, “He has been a leader and a champion on fighting violence against women for many years, and I have been fortunate to accompany him to events with survivors where he has listened to their stories, empathized with them, and comforted them.”

A report by The Daily Wire reveals that Milano may even have pull with Biden and his campaign.

“It turns out that Hollywood’s favorite abortion cheerleader Alyssa Milano may have been instrumental in persuading former Vice President Joe Biden to completely flip on his position of taxpayer-funded abortion,” the Daily Wire reports. “According to The Hill, Milano had a phone call with Biden’s campaign manager Greg Schultz earlier this week, advising that the former vice president would be wise to change his stance on the Hyde Amendment. CNN even reported on Friday that Milano spoke with Biden directly.”

Milano thanked Biden for his flip-flop on Thursday, hailing him for “listening to the American people,” despite the fact that the Hyde Amendment is widely supported by American’s, the Daily Wire notes.

Nolte surmises that Milano’s support for Biden means, “Milano doesn’t give a sh*t about #MeToo victims, doesn’t give a sh*t about changing the behavior of men like Biden who abuse their power for a cheap thrill.”

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