EXCLUSIVE: Border Patrol agent contacts DML, shares unreported FACTS on issues at border

BY TEAM DML / JUNE 22, 2018 /

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Friday, DML News CEO Dennis Michael Lynch received a series of text messages from a Texas Border Patrol agent, who slammed the media’s deceptive coverage of the flood of illegal aliens pouring across the Mexico-U.S. border.

The Border Patrol agent, who remains unnamed for this story, in order to protect his privacy, told DML the truth of how apprehensions and detentions are really handled, concerns that agents have about all the talk of amnesty, and their view on what needs to be done to solve immigration issues.

Below is the full exchange between the Texas border agent and DML. DML said the agent voluntarily reached out to him, in a desperate effort to share the truth.

BP AGENT: Good Morning. Hope you’re doing well. Illegal alien Family Units crossing in large numbers around McAllen finally caught media traction this week. Positive/negative coverage.

Zero Tolerance was/is designed to try and stem the tide. Need an alternative solution that’s more unilaterally acceptable.

I’d recommend having dedicated judges on hand for 48 hour adjudication and dedicated aircraft for repatriations that depart within 72 hours.

1997 Flores vs. Janet Reno decision mandates that families are in long term detention facilities within 72 hours. These facilities are expensive and scarce, thus the loophole of release and a court date that no one voluntarily appears at. Eliminate this loophole with quick adjudication and repatriation.

DML: Great idea. E-verify too. Let me ask you these questions…

(1) How is morale at Border Patrol?

(2) As a percentage, how many are claiming asylum?

(3) As a percentage how many are coming to work?

BP AGENT: 1. BP morale is/has been pretty low. 30 years of tumultuous border conditions makes it hard to attract and retain quality folks. Got really low during Obama era alien surges. All fed law enforcement morale is a bit low right now; USBP, FBI, ICE, etc. BP is still waiting for new promised personnel and infrastructure which should help morale.

2. 50% are claiming asylum. 99% of family units. The other 50% are are prior deports who are ineligible for asylum.

3. Most single adults are coming to work, but most are not eligible for legal status due to prior deportation and/or criminal record. Plenty of work visa holders are still encountered crossing legally.

75% of parents in the family units won’t work. Most have legal/illegal relatives somewhere in the US that they will immediately move in with and rely on for income.

Note: the “children” are overwhelmingly in their teenage years. Very few 12 and under. These teens are considered adults south of the border. Many will work illegally once released into US.

DML: The morale being low, is Trump being considered an all-talk president, or do agents blame Congress? Him tweeting about DACA amnesty months ago has to be a part of the problem, no?

BP Agent: I think USBP agents are used to lots of talk from recent presidents and know that nothing’s better until it’s actually in place. Guys are holding out some hope that Trump will get it done, but are all too familiar with disappointment.

The DACA amnesty talk is discouraging. None of us think that genuine legal status is merited. Although they have de facto status right now to work and move about freely. Hope it’s not included in any bill.

The recent border story is missing some crucial facts. Family Units and “children” numbers have been in the hundreds of thousands over the last 5 years.

The pictures are of them in the 72 hour initial detainment window. Short term facilities in full legal compliance from the Flores vs. Janet Reno case.

Need more clarification that BP efforts are legal and with great amounts of dignity and care. Portrayed like the agency is acting inhumanely or out of line is very incorrect.

Just need to get this all worked out so we can go back to spending time and money on catching bad guys, dope, terrorists, weapons, etc.

Media is seizing on the appearance of the short term facilities where they are only located for mere hours.

DML: Please keep me updated. Any photos, videos are appreciated. Please stay safe. Thank you for your hard work and the invaluable info. I have a handful of guys like you who really do a great job at getting the truth out.


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  1. Lori June 22nd, 2018 at 3:06 pm

    Thank you to our Border Patrol for protecting us American’s. Those that truly love this country and want what’s best for everyone. Be safe and alert!


  2. Susan Morgan June 22nd, 2018 at 4:13 pm

    This is a disgusting situation being promoted as a tragedy to make the President look like a terrible human being as usual. They should all be sent back


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