EXCLUSIVE: DML responds to Ilhan Omar’s statement over 9/11 backlash

APRIL 13, 2019

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A defiant Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), a Somalian refugee, blasted out a series of Twitter posts Saturday afternoon, thanking Democrats who have defended her amid the backlash she has taken over her remarks about the 9/11 terror attack.

Omar has not apologized for describing the deadly terror attack as “some people did something,” which has angered so many Americans, but said in her 5-part Twitter statement that she will not be silent nor sit on the sidelines.

Instead, she slammed President Trump and his administration, tweeting, “This country was founded on the ideas of justice, of liberty, of the pursuit of happiness. But these core beliefs are under threat. Each and every day. We are under threat by an administration that would rather cage children than pass comprehensive immigration reform.”

DML News founder and immigration expert Dennis Michael Lynch responded to Omar’s statement with a lengthy “Twitter storm” of his own, as follows:

(Pt 1): I must set you straight dear because you’re way out of line. America was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles, not the Koran. Unlike Muslims, who are taught to kill infidels, AMERICANS don’t subscribe to barbaric killings of innocent people based on religious belief…

(Pt 2): You swore in on a Koran, which is a problem in of itself, but moving past that — if Liberty, Justice & Happiness was ‘under attack’, then you wouldn’t be permitted to so such a thing, nor would you be welcome to wear that head scarf inside the Capital Building….

(Pt 3) You, dear, represent HATE. You’re a liar. You use your status as a female, Muslim refugee to take advantage of a DC culture and bent media that pushes this country into a dark abyss poisoned by political correctness and a crazy demand for unwarranted apologies…

(Part 4) We don’t need to apologize for our successes. You, as an immigrant, should be thanking us up and down instead of minimizing 9/11. I lived that day. 19 Muslims killed 3k of my fellow citizens in the name of Allah. I won’t pretend otherwise, and neither will Trump…

(Part 5) Trump, although not a perfect person, is not corrupt nor did he COLLUDE WITH RUSSIA. @HillaryClinton is corrupt. Trump, although at times too egotistical, has to deal w/your bullshit on a daily basis and yet, he still has this economy humming….

(Part 6) People are working more than ever before, including minorities. @BarackObama spent his time empowering Iran, diluting our military and fundamentally fucking everything up that good men and women died for in building…

(Part 7) Your election into Congress DON’T STEM from smarts, talents, or an ability to offer solutions. It stems from a broken immigration system that doesn’t vet people thoroughly, and then places them in clusters. A poor design that aligns 100% w/the Muslim Brotherhoods plan…

(Part 8) I recall @RealJamesWoods Tweeting that @AOC was the most dangerous liberal in USA. I responded: NO, Omar is the most dangerous. AOC is a fad who can’t find her ass w/both hands. You, dear, are VERY DANGEROUS. And I urge Americans to recognize this sooner than later…

(Part 9) Trump will win another term if for no other reason than you, @RashidaTlaib & the brainless scarecrow known as AOC will keep running your mouths. As for you using 9/11 as a political football, you’re a piece of trash. #TeamDML

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  1. CrazyInArizona April 13th, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    What a disgusting hypocrite! A few days ago Omar claimed that this country was founded on GENOCIDE! Just like her own.
    She did tell one truth, however. This country’s core beliefs ARE under threat. FROM HER and her supporters (seeing as how the beliefs that created this country were Judeo-Christian).
    Rescind this serpent’s citizenship and send her back to her shiithole country. Maybe she can make a difference there instead of trying to turn MY country into the one she had to escape from.
    She mentions “Moral clarity?” From a Muslim who wants to force Sharia law down our throats or lose our heads if we won’t conform?
    As for her “unwavering love” for America, fighting for equal opportunity, to defend “our” democracy and “the America we all deserve?”
    Nobody deserves the America you want to bring us. You are a traitor to the principles and history that made this country what it is.
    Go back to Somalia, you snake, and make that into a country you deserve.


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