EXCLUSIVE: DML’s United States of Tents film set to hit new milestone

NOVEMBER 30, 2019

Dennis Michael Lynch and his two oldest children, Ashley and Denny, never expected their new film on homelessness to do so well so quickly on Amazon Prime. “We read that we should expect 1 million minutes streamed after 6 months to a year,” said DML in a recent Facebook LIVE.  “But the film has gone way beyond that number in just its first month.”

According to a screenshot DML shared with DML News, the film has streamed more than 8.3 million minutes in its first complete month. DML points out there are 3 more reporting days (Nov 28-30) that won’t be available until Dec 2. He says, “Odds are, when the reporting is all settled, we will scale past 9 million minutes by the end of November.”

UNITED STATES of TENTS covers the homeless crisis in America like no other film, and the ratings its received from viewers prove the point.  To date, the film is scoring a 4.5 stars.  The maximum is a 5 star rating.

In the film, DML and his family travel the US to see the truth about homelessness and what is causing the issue to grow.  They also explore the options for addressing and fixing the problem.

Amazon Prime members can watch the film free of charge. It is also available for rent on Amazon for people who do not have Prime.

DML says all of his films, both old and new, will be available on Amazon by summer 2020.

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