EXCLUSIVE: ICE agents using drunken driving records bust over 1,000 illegal immigrants; here’s what you need to know

MAY 14, 2019

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ICE agents using fingerprints from drunken driving arrests have led to the detainment of 1,191 illegal immigrants nationwide. The wide sweep and capture was a part of “Operation: Secure Streets”

According to the Boston Herald, 141 of those illegal immigrants lived in the New England area, meaning Massachusetts accounts for one in 12 of the arrests. Some of those captured include a Kenyan national with pending rape, robbery and strangulation charges, a Honduran accused of selling cocaine, and a Ukrainian with two previous drunken driving convictions.

All the illegals detained will be deported, according to Todd Michael Lyons, the deputy field director for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Boston.

“These people were being overlooked,” said Lyons. “Driving under the influence is a dangerous threat regardless of what country the offender is from. It’s even more disturbing crime when it’s committed by someone who has no legal right to be in this country.”

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