EXCLUSIVE: MSM video recaps Trump’s statements on E-Verify

FEBRUARY 10, 2019

During his presidential campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump repeated multiple times his commitment to enforce the E-Verify system nationwide, to “stop illegal immigration from accessing welfare and entitlements,” just as DML News founder Dennis Michael Lynch has called for over the past 10-years.

The Washington Post published a short video (see below) containing several clips showing Trump calling for E-Verify, yet Trump’s focus has primarily been on the need for a border wall.

In three powerful documentary films on the illegal immigration issues affecting America, Lynch has stated that if mandatory E-Verify is implemented to cut off the jobs magnet, America’s illegal immigration problems will improve.

Every person who has watched DML’s documentaries say these films opened their eyes to the TRUTH about the border in a way they’ve never seen before. Additionally, the DVDs show WHY E-Verify should be made mandatory, and WHY the federal government should crack down on employers who are hiring people not authorized to work in the U.S.

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These films highlight the dangers and the costs of illegal immigration and how this serious issue is affecting America like no other films ever have, or ever will.

The 3 films are titled:

  • They Come To America I – The Cost of Illegal Immigration
  • They Come To America II – The Cost of Amnesty
  • They Come To America III – The Cost of Obama’s Legacy

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Joe: Your work is outstanding and honest, heartfelt and real.  We just finished watching your trilogy series and was blown away with each film.  Thanks for your hard work.

Dawn: These are MUST-SEE videos for all who are doubters about what’s going on at our borders (and inside). 

Elizabeth: MUST SEE and SHARE! I thought I was aware until I watched the first video…..found out I only knew a portion. Still 2 videos to go….

Marie: Finally someone speaking and showing the real truth about the border, I brought more for my family so they can watch and send them to the White House!!

Rosemary: I loved the CDs. I cried …..I sent my copies to the First Lady to make sure the President sees them.

Kesha: My husband and I watched all three of DML’s “They Come to America” documentaries this weekend and they are amazing! We had no idea what we are up against with illegal immigration in this country. I’ve never seen a documentary that I was sad to see end. These films are action packed, extremely informative and emotional. I cried during parts of all three. (I know,…what a snowflake. Lol) But these films grab a hold of your patriotism and squeeze it. I highly recommend you order, because it’s worth it.


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