Text messages discredit anti-gun march organizer’s alleged statement claiming Hunter Pollack was invited to speak at march

MARCH 25, 2018

Written by Dennis Michael Lynch

The Sun-Sentinel on Sunday published an article about Parkland, Florida resident Hunter Pollack. In my opinion the article is “fake news” at its very worst.

Hunter Pollack is the brother of one of the victims of the Parkland shooting that took place on Valentine’s Day, Meadow Pollack.

According to the Sentinel, one of the March For Our Lives organizers claims Hunter Pollack was approved to be one of the speakers but decided not to show up Saturday morning.  The article appears to be an attempt by the writer and the march organizer to discredit the Pollack family.  Either way, the claim is a flat out lie, and I hold the proof.

The Sentinel writes: “Ryan Deitsch, one of the core group of march organizers from Parkland, said Hunter Pollack was on the list of speakers, but didn’t show up at Saturday morning’s preparation session.

“As far as I know, he was on the list,” Deitsch said.

Text messages between Hunter Pollack and a top march organizer, which are shown below, prove the allegations made against Pollack in the Sun-Sentinel are untrue.

Before getting into the nuts and bolts of what took place, I begin with the explanation of how I am privy to this information.

For the past month, I have volunteered my time to help Meadow’s father, Andrew.

At first, I was assisting Andy with the media. I helped tailor his message for short TV hits, and I picked which interviews he should and should not do. I also created his website, RememberMeadow.com.

Next, I joined Andy at the Florida State House to lobby for a school safety bill. Proudly, the bill was passed and later signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott.

This past week, Andy and I held meetings with the Secretary of Health and Human Services, the Sec. of DHS, the Sec. of Education, and a top member of President Trump’s domestic policy team. Our discussions focused on how we can work with the administration in going state–to–state to make schools safer.

Later this week, Andy and I will announce the launch of a new not-for-profit called, Advocates for Children’s Lives And School Safety (CLASS). Our goal is to hold school districts accountable by representing the interests of parents and students nationwide.

That all said, on Friday morning Hunter contacted me for advise concerning a speech he wanted to read at the March For Our Lives event, which was held in Washington DC on Saturday.  He had not been invited to speak, but he wasn’t willing to give up — he wanted his voice to be heard.

Prior to calling me, Hunter had called out to one of the march organizers Thursday.  Her name is Julia.

He followed up on Friday morning with a phone call.  Again, he asked her if he could speak on stage. According to Hunter, Julia said she would have to see his speech.

Hunter and I went to work on what I consider to be the perfect speech. Instead of blasting out anti-gun rhetoric and negative NRA slogans, Hunter and I decided he should speak from the heart and take politics out of the debate.

Hunter is passionate in his belief that the U.S. should focus on stopping the killers before they kill, no matter the weapon of choice.  Therefore, his speech called for political unity and a focus on school safety. His speech also celebrated his sister’s life by describing the beauty she offered the world.

With the speech near ready, 

Hunter reached out to Julia once again. She referred him to Deena Katz, the Hollywood producer who was spearheading many aspects of the march.

Katz, as shown in the text messages below, originally told Hunter there was no room in the “show.” Regardless, Hunter wrote a passionate plea stating he wanted to celebrate his sister’s life. Katz still denied his request.

Hunter texted back: “I urge you to reconsider.”

At that point Katz gives in and says they’ll make it work, but she also demanded to see his speech.  She went as far as offering her speech writer, Wendy to help him.

Under my instruction, Hunter did not wait for Wendy. Instead, at 1pm he sent both Katz and Julia a text that included his full speech.

Many hours passed — there was no reply from Katz or Julia.

It was 6:38pm on Friday when Hunter sent a text to Katz, asking her for an answer and stating it was painful for him to have to wait so long.

Upset over how this young man was being treated, I stepped in at 9pm and sent Katz a text. In short, I told her she needed to respond to Hunter soon, and that anything less was unacceptable.  In fact, I said I would contact Oprah Winfrey, who had donated $500,000 to the march to complain about her treatment of Hunter.

It was 11:40 p.m. Friday night when Hunter was told he was not permitted to speak by Deena Katz:

At 7:50am on Saturday morning, I texted Katz again asking if she was going to change her mind and let him speak. She did not reply.

With little time left on the clock, Hunter’s step-mother jumped in.  She called Katz to make a final plea, but was handed off to some person who did not identify herself. The person stated, “Ms Katz is busy.”

Contrary to the claim in the Sun-Sentinel, Hunter was never put on a speaker’s list. He was never contacted after 11:50pm on Friday evening when he was told he would not fit into the schedule because it didn’t flow with the “show’s” music selections, etc.

rejected, censored, and disheartened, Hunter and his father took to Facebook Live on Saturday morning.  Hunter used the opportunity to read a portion of his speech. (See below)

When he was done with his post to Facebook, Hunter still tried one last time Saturday morning.

Before the “show” started in the streets of DC, Hunter and his step-mother traveled to the march and used their guest passes to enter the VIP tent located behind the stage. At that point, anyone from the “show” could have made the call to let Hunter speak — they were all in the same place — but despite his presence he was ignored.

Realizing he had been snuffed, Hunter made his way below the stage where he met up with me. I walked him over to Kim Kardashian and told her that Hunter was not invited to speak. Kim asked why. Hunter explained his speech didn’t include the banning of guns. Kim said she was “sorry for his loss.”

He then spoke to other celebrities like Dennis Rodman and George Clooney, telling them how he wasn’t invited to speak. Nobody cared.

Former TV news anchor Katie Couric told Hunter, “Don’t worry, there will be other opportunities.”  I’m still somewhat confused as to what that means. Perhaps he’ll get to speak after the the next school massacre?

I find it disgusting that the Sun-Sentinel did not reach out to Hunter Pollack for a comment before they printed their fake story.

Below is the copy of the speech sent to Katz by Hunter.

“On Valentine’s Day I had my heart broken…. we all did… and there’s too much sad irony in that to ignore.

So, today, on this historic event in our nation’s capital with the entire world watching us — as they listen to every word we say — I want to speak about our broken hearts, and what we can do as a country to turn this heartbreak into a mission worth fighting for.

In my heart I know this is not a mission driven by politics, nor should it be dictated by the left or the right. This is not a mission specific to color, religion or economics, but rather, it’s a mission of love; it’s a mission of safety built upon a foundation filled with common sense, and fueled by a common denominator that can bring together every American across this great country.

The one common denominator we all share is a desire to LIVE… We all want to LIVE the greatest life possible.

My sister, Meadow Pollack, was living an amazing life filled with love, passion, dreams, family and fun. She had so much to offer this world, she had so much ahead of her — but — because WE as a school, and WE as a community, and WE as a society, and WE as a state, and WE as a nation failed to protect her — my baby sister is no longer part of this equation we call LIFE.

What pains me most is that her beautiful life was NOT lost to an incurable disease or a freak accident. She is gone because our schools are not safe. She is dead because the madness of one young man, and his determination to kill — was greater than our desire to stop him.
Remembering Meadow and the Parkland 17 is something we must all vow to here today. We must promise to take action each and every day until we protect the students of this country. We must protect our students and our schools in the same way we do the patrons at an NFL football stadium, and the passengers at an airport, and the diamonds in a jewelry store. 

We, the children of America, are the most valuable assets this nation has. Therefore, we hereby put all the leaders and parents of this country on notice. Today, we want you to put a value on our lives — and to protect us above all and everything else.

We, as the students of this country must take our anger, and our pain, and our desire to LIVE this LIFE to the fullest, and we must channel it into a mission that is obtainable — one that can be achieved without heavy debate — one that everyone can agree upon today, tomorrow, and for decades to come. We are Americans, we are the best and brightest — and so keeping our schools safe should not be a hard thing to do.

What happened at Parkland should have resulted in immediate action across America — but it has not. Two weeks ago a student in Utah tried blowing up a school with a bomb. And then this week in Maryland we lost another life in another school shooting. The weapons may be different, but the objective is the same, so we NEED to protect our schools from the killers who want to kill.

The hatred and sickness that fuels a killer to kill innocent students is something most of us will never understand, but that doesn’t mean it’s something we can ignore. We need to be on a mission to stop these monsters before they take action — we must demand our leaders help those who are sick, but we must also demand that they protect those of us who are not. 

In closing, I ask you to say my sister’s name to yourself. It’s such a beautiful name…. MEADOW…. If you say her name, it’s impossible not to feel the beauty of who she was, and who she always will be. 

MEADOW… it makes me think of a sunny day, like this one. A day where the sun shines on our youth, and shines on our desire to LIVE a safe and happy LIFE.

I can feel MEADOW right now. She is asking us to come together. She wants us to thank the families and parents — like my dad Andrew —- and Mr Ryan Perry — and all the others who continue to fight for the rest of us to be safe. MEADOW is asking us to be smart, and to love, and to share the common denominator we share. Embrace LIFE, make the most of it… don’t let it be wasted.

To my sister MEADOW — who is up in heaven — I promise you here today that dad and me, along with millions of people at our side, will do our part in making schools safe so that this never happens again. We vow to protect America’s children in a way you should have been protected. We will keep them safe from the evil people and all the weapons they use. Until we meet again Meadow, I will miss you like crazy. 

I love you, we all love you. My you shine on us today, and every day going forward. 

Thank you.”