Facebook admits on the phone they delete DML posts (video)


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Written by DML
We are moving forward with our case that the product being sold to publishers by Facebook is not as advertised, and that political discrimination is a factor when deciding who gets “reach” and who does not.

Below is a video of Facebook admitting they delete our content, and the content on other pages.

The video: It is edited down. It is not edited to change a message. I am in possession of the original video recording that includes the entire phone call which is being handed over to my attorney. This video was recorded last year.

Pay special attention to the financial noose explained at the end. Note: The beginning of the video sounds terrible. It improves within seconds.

Below this video is a second video which is with a Facebook sales person who sells me on advertising with the company.  The information he provides doesn’t appear to be true today.

Click the photo to play.


Second video


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