Facebook screws with Dennis Michael Lynch… again (video)

NOVEMBER 16, 2017

Dennis Michael Lynch has been locked out of his Facebook account for 4 days straight. The inability to access his personal pages translates into an inability to do his LIVE program each day. ‘The Truth with Dennis Michael Lynch’ stands as the most watched conservative talk show on Facebook when measured by today live viewers.

By blocking DML, Facebook denies him access to the 1,320,000 people who LIKE his pages. Although the pages remain active, only DML’s website writers can access them.

A rep from Facebook who works at a sales division at the company told DML that his account is blocked because he “over-spammed” from his personal user account. DML is calling foul because he doesn’t use his personal user account to share or interact on his business pages — he doesn’t use his personal account whatsoever and has not for years.

The rep provided DML with a link and said to appeal the block, claiming “the right people will see it.”

The issue is, Facebook will not allow DML to appeal the decision even if he wanted to. As shown in the video below, DML completes the 3-part form with his name, copy of his photo ID and description of the issue. He then tries to submit the form but gets rejected. The message claims he did not complete the form in full. DML tries numerous different times using different versions of his name. He comes up empty each time.