Former CFPB head announces governor run after losing battle with Trump


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Two weeks ago, liberal Democrat Richard Cordray stirred nationwide discord when he named his successor as director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). But on Tuesday, he declared that his “way is to bring people together,” as he announced his bid for governor of Ohio.

Cordray’s move to name his own successor created a conflict with President Donald J. Trump, who had someone else in mind for the leadership role when Corday resigned. When Corday left office on Nov. 24, he tapped Leandra English, his deputy director, to replace him.

President Trump nixed that choice, placing White House budget director Mick Mulvaney in charge, on a temporary basis, until a permanent replacement was appointed. Mulvaney has been critical of the CFPB for overreaching its authority.

The differing choices sparked a national debate about who should be responsible for selecting the agency’s leader, and ultimately, Trump won the brief dispute. Mulvaney has been leading the bureau since Nov. 27.

Cordray, also the former attorney general of Ohio, launched his candidacy for Ohio governor at a diner in his hometown of Grove City, wherein he stated his time at the CFPB was a “character builder.” He also tweeted multiple messages regarding the direction he wants his candidacy to take and the issues on which he plans to focus.

“I’ve been seeing way too much division and conflict around the state and the country,” Cordray ironically tweeted on Tuesday. “My way is to bring people together to understand and solve problems.”

In a campaign video, Cordray “cites his work experience and his alliance with liberal Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts Democrat who helped to create the CFPB,” The Washington Times reports.

“Being a voice for regular folks wasn’t easy,” Cordray said. “Congress, big banks, and then, the new administration tried to protect their powerful interests. But we didn’t back down.”

In another tweet, he said he feels “[l]ike a dog that’s shaken off its muzzle,” as he asks for supporters to help him win the gubernatorial seat.

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