Former Twitter employees leak details of hostile work environment


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According to former employees of Twitter, the company is dependent on celebrities to whom they cater, is hostile to free speech, and angry that President Donald Trump dominates the social media platform.

In an exclusive report by Breitbart News, several former Twitter employees who wished to remain anonymous were cited as saying that the company is hopelessly biased and dedicated to censoring non-progressive voices.

According to one source, Twitter rapidly dismissed its commitment to free speech following the replacement of former CEO Dick Costolo with Jack Dorsey, who the source described as “the definition of a social justice warrior.”

The majority of Twitter’s management, claimed the source, subscribe to the leftist philosophies that “hate speech is violence,” “abuse scares people off the platform,” and certain types of speech “silence” other speech.

Employees at Twitter are reportedly divided into three distinct groups — hardline leftists, “ACLU-type” liberals who still believe in free speech, and those who work via H1B visas, who the source described as “apolitical.”

Under Costolo, the company focused on user growth without taking a position on content Dorsey is more interested in cultivating Twitter as a feel-good safe space — not the site of political bickering and insults for which it is currently known.

Another source revealed that the company openly celebrates when right-wing users are banned from the platform.

“There was a great deal of celebration [at Twitter] when Milo was banned,” said the source, referring to political commentator and celebrity blogger Milo Yiannopoulos.

Twitter views the presence of celebrities and public figures on the platform as the primary draw for other users, leaving the company largely dependent on their goodwill. The company views a retweet by a celebrity as “the modern autograph.” The source confirmed that controversial individuals such as Milo, Roger Stone, and the satirist Godfrey Elfwick were banned from Twitter because they offended a celebrity or a high-profile mainstream figure.

Twitter “bends over backwards” to please celebrities because they attract users to the platform.

“Of course there are double standards,” said the source, who also revealed that in disagreements between two public figures, “Twitter will pick the bigger, more powerful celebrity.”

The source also said that there is a ceaseless campaign from Twitter employees for management to ban Trump from the platform. To date, management has ignored it.

Breitbart’s “insiders” corroborate the claims of Twitter employee Clay Haynes, who confirmed to an undercover journalist from Project Veritas that he and others at Twitter wanted to “get rid” of Trump.

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