Hannity tweets offer to read 4 books in one day, DML responds by calling out Hannity

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Written by DML
Want a sight of true reality?  Watch Hannity pretend to be a staunch supporter of secure borders Wednesday night and then go sit outside Hannity’s estate on Long Island Thursday and see who comes out with a lawnmower.

If you religiously tune in at 9pm each weeknight to watch Sean rake in the bucks as he avoids the truth about illegal immigration, I have to believe you ignore the lawnmower scene because you too are guilty of the same thing, or you haven’t caught on to the Hannity game just yet.

I used to like Hannity during the Obama years, but no more.  It is impossible to respect someone who doesn’t treat his loyal audience with the common decency of delivering consistent levels of truth, especially when addressing the biggest issue facing America.

In an attempt to hold onto the Fox News viewers who yearn for any morsel of good news about Trump, I think Hannity has purposely ignored reporting the real dangers and costs of illegal immigration in order to save Trump from looking bad.

In the same way Hannity would blast Obama for now using the term “Islamic extremism” when speaking about terrorism, Hannity needs to be blasted for not recognizing what he knows to be true — illegal aliens are in the US to secure jobs and send money back home by the billions each year.

Although I understand the desire for a pro-Trump opinion propaganda artist like Hannity to want and need good news to share about the president, there is a responsibility we in the media hold.  We all took a vow at some point in the early days of our careers that we would hold firm to the truth even when it means letting go of the almighty dollar.  Hannity has purposely forgotten that vow.

Hannity knows better than anyone that the migrants coming to the US are coming for jobs.  Heck, the migrants have said it themselves to Fox News reporters traveling with the caravans.  But because Trump has never once cracked down on the employers who hire illegal aliens, Hannity won’t go down that road.   It may also have something to do with the people pushing the lawnmowers in Hannity’s yard.

Hannity won’t hold Trump accountable like he did Obama.  He won’t say a single word about Trump’s failure to cut off the jobs magnet, or threatening to raid construction sites to hold employers accountable.  Hannity says nothing about Trump saying nothing about mandatory e-Verify.  Instead, he gives viewers a load of hot air.  Hannity makes the caravan situation at the border appear to be all about a wall not being built because of the stubborn, American-hating Democrats.

In his opening hot-air monologue Wednesday night, while making an argument for the “wall” instead of mentioning a single word about jobs, Hannity shows visuals of illegal aliens climbing an aging border fence near the San Diego coastline.  As if a wall would take away the ability for the migrant to walk into the ocean and enter the US through the beach?

Or how about the fact that Hannity is crying about the president’s “wall” not being built in full, thus, why there is chaos at the border.  News flash for Hannity…. Trump and DHS have touted in the past weeks about how the first version of “the wall” has been erected in California.  What a joke! It’s not a wall.  It’s the same fence style Hannity is claiming doesn’t work in his monologue.   (Photo shows DHS announcing new wall, which is really a fence.)

If you watch Hannity’s opening statement, you see a guy who is full of omissions.

His immigration monologue is all about Democrats stopping Trump from securing the border.  He warns of 270 bad guys mixed into a caravan of thousands. He warns of the harm they can and will do because of the Democrats not wanting secure borders.

There is no doubt Democrats want open borders, but so does Trump and the Republicans.  If they didn’t, they’d be calling Hannity on the phone and begging him to push the e-Verify narrative.  Trust me, I know how this stuff works.

Hannity, in his attempt to shield Trump and the lawnmower men, sticks on the same old message, but never once Wednesday did he speak about how we have 7,000 US troops at the border.  I have a question for Sean…. “Are we to believe that the Border Patrol, Customs and Border Protection officials and 7,000 troops can’t weed out 270 rag-tag criminals?”   Blaming the Democrats for 270 criminals getting into the US during the Trump administration is as stupid as saying Hannity isn’t in it for the money.

Sean tweeted Thursday morning.  He did not tweet about US jobs being taken by illegals, or how they hold down wages for US workers.  He did not tweet about towns being riddled with non-English speaking migrants who may be carrying diseases from the 3rd world.  He did not tweet about the costs of education and healthcare that his viewers are about to absorb for 15,000 migrants, or the 1 million migrants that Trump gave passage to since entering office.  Instead, he tweeted about a voodoo product that empowers his followers to read 4 books in one day.  As if any normal human being can listen to Hannity for an hour and still have the desire to read 4 books in 24-hours.  But when money calls, Sean tweets.

Hannity in 2012 called for amnesty to all people living in the US illegally.  He said he had evolved.  I just think it was Sean being Sean, a two-time trickster who hides behind a teleprompter.   Total sellout.

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  1. Denise November 15th, 2018 at 9:38 am

    DML you recently said that you think DJT should tell the caravan that there are no jobs, if I’m not mistaken. Now how can he do that when all he does is literally brag about how many jobs he is creating?


  2. Joanne November 15th, 2018 at 9:49 am

    A vow Lol. I swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Hannity is not a reporter which has nothing to do with them either taken a “vow”. Its ok Dennis that you hate Hannity and all the rest. I thought you hated Trump tweets on bashing people. You do plenty of that now. If Hannity is a hypocrite so be it. He has to live with his decisions the same as any of us, including you. Why include us in your personal twitter wars. He’s bad, your good. You spend alot of time angry. Not good. Why not take your wife and yourself away for a couple of days. Chill.


  3. Sheryl November 15th, 2018 at 9:50 am

    So now Dennis is going after Hannity . you really need to get help you have become a very angry person layoff Hannity can’t fix immagration he is not Congress get some help Dennis.


  4. Terry McDonald November 15th, 2018 at 10:03 am

    Appears you have found a favorite target for your vitriol for our horrible southern border situation. Sad for YOU as this does not help your cause. I suspect Sean won’t have you on his show because he can’t take a chance on a hothead going off on HIS show. I don’t watch Hannity TV regularly but do listen to his radio show often where he has much more liberty in expressing his points. I live in south Texas… been dealing with overrun from south of the border for more years than you have been on this earth. YOU have been focused in this border for TEN years. Give me a break! You have a limited “expertise”, Many have lifetime “views”… those of us that have lived with this for decades.


  5. ZS November 15th, 2018 at 10:04 am

    When Trump campaign in full swing and the hard talk about daca and border security the amount of illegals dropped dramatically. Once he mentioned “love daca” the gates opened. This i do put on Trump. Hadn’t been elected yet and got results. So what happened? Why isn’t others upset with this, not just DML. Everyone has a right to their opinion whether we like it or not.


  6. M November 15th, 2018 at 11:25 am

    Wake up fools. DML has been to the border. Politicians, all politicians play us like a fool. Remember, they’re making millions of dollars a year. They could care less who comes in the country. It doesn’t affect them it affects us


  7. Me November 15th, 2018 at 11:58 am

    Jealous much DML? Butt hurt much? My my my, DML is looking more and more like a Democrat, doing what they do, bashing people. Hannity makes big bucks while DML is begging people to sunscribe to his Old news. Just like the death of Katherine MacGregor, all over the news yesterday but on DML today


  8. Ken November 15th, 2018 at 2:48 pm

    I agree with you Me


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