ICE agents beat system of sanctuary city’s police department


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Despite San Francisco’s sanctuary city status, ICE agents are working their way into the system in order to interview and interrogate imprisoned illegal immigrants.

City officials are enraged that the federal authorities are finding loopholes to circumvent the pro-illegal immigration barriers.

Fox News reports the following:

“ICE agents managed to interview an inmate in a San Francisco jail earlier this month, in what the sanctuary city’s sheriff is calling a deliberate effort by the feds to find “weak points” in her department’s pro-illegal immigrant policies and state laws.

In a separate snafu, police said, ICE agents were granted an interview room with an inmate in another jail, but that inmate declined to speak with the agents.

Jail officials apparently violated both departmental policy and California law by accomodating the agents, authorities said Monday. 

“My staff made a mistake and I have to hold myself accountable,” San Francisco Sheriff Vicki Hennessy told The San Francisco Chronicle. “I apologize on behalf of the department. I feel embarrassed by it. I’ve taken steps to make sure it never happens again.”

But Hennessy said federal immigration authorities, who arrested 232 in a sweeping Bay Area immigration crackdown just weeks ago, knew what they were doing.”

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