Illegal alien stowaways die after falling off plane (video)

FEBRUARY 27, 2018

A recent attempt by two men attempting to hitch a ride from Ecuador to New York didn’t turn out so well, as the two stowaways fell off the U.S.-bound flight from Guayaquil and died on Monday.

Officials believe the two men, ages 25 and 30, either fainted or were ejected after takeoff, and are believed to be Peruvian, based on local media reports.

Fox News reported: Local prosecutor Carlos Bustamante said the incident occurred around 9:20 a.m. when employees at the airport spotted three objects falling from the plane.

“As we approached, we saw two people – one on the runway and the other in the grass area,” he told El Comercio. “The first one had a pulse, but died minutes later. The other person had died.”

He said the third item that fell from the plane was a suitcase, which contained about $20 and clothes. No identification for the two men were found.

“What is known is that the plane came from Peru,” Bastamante told the newspaper. “From the characteristics of the citizens, they may come from Peru, and from here (from the flight) they would go to the United States, to New York.”

The Boeing 767-300, operated by Latam, returned to the airport, which was closed for approximately 90 minutes while the two bodies were removed from the runway.