Jimmy Fallon pulls Christmas carol stunt to celebrate Mueller probe (video)


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Jimmy Fallon may be hoping to improve his ratings by attacking the president of the United States, the same way other late-night hosts use nightly jabs to secure more viewers.

On Monday night, Fallon sang a parody of a classic Christmas carol, using the lyrics to negatively target President Donald J. Trump.

Fallon’s spin on “Santa Clause is Coming to Town,” was re-titled, “Robert Mueller’s Coming to Town,” and he performed the rendition made popular by liberal singer Bruce Springsteen. Fallon even dressed like the E Street Band leader as he performed.

To the delight of his “Tonight Show” audience, Fallon sang:

You’d better watch out, you’d better not cry, you’d better not lie to the FBI, Robert Mueller’s coming to town.

He’s making a list of naughty and nice, he’s gonna find out just who to indict, Robert Mueller’s coming to town.

He sees your Russian meetings, he’s read all your emails, he knows that you tried to collude, it isn’t ‘fake news’ for goodness’s sake.

Oh, you’d better watch out, you better not cry, you better not tweet that you knew Flynn lied. Robert Mueller’s coming to town.

Pass tax plans when you’re sleeping. You know that’s a mistake. The midterm elections coming soon. 2018 you’re gonna pay!

The performance comes after weekend-long speculation over former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s guilty plea of lying to the FBI about conversations with agents from Russia. Flynn agreed to cooperate with the FBI, leading to questions about what he might know and reveal.

Some see Flynn’s indictment as an indication that Mueller’s investigation is gaining traction, while others see it as a sign that Mueller has little to show for his months of investigating.

Fallon usually avoids politics, reportedly having said, “It’s just not what I do.” While he has not been supportive of Trump, he has also not made disparaging the president a prominent part of his act, as have Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert, who find politics, in general, and Trump, in particular, ratings gold.

Colbert, who suffered from low ratings before Trump was elected, has overtaken Fallon in the past year. According to The New York Times, Fallon “has lost 21 percent of his audience year over year since the fall season began on Sept. 25,” while Kimmel and Colbert are showing ratings gains.

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