Lawyers blame Facebook and LinkedIn for rise in divorce rates

OCTOBER 22, 2017

The fact divorce rates among adults are at all time highs has been well-documented, and lawyers believe people’s ability to use social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn to keep in contact with multiple partners is the reason why.

Hall Brown Family Law saw such cases rise from less than 50 to 65 over a five-year period. 

Abigail Lowther, an associate solicitor at the firm told the Sunday Telegraph her clients complained that technology was putting temptation at their partners “fingertips”.  

While Joanne Edwards, a partner at Forsters, also noted the correlation between technology and infidelity. 

“Technology puts people within messaging distance of old or new flames and means that a spouse can be cheating when sitting in the same room with their husband and wife,” she told the paper.

The technology boom is a double whammy, experts say, as it makes both cheating and catching your partner cheating easier.

“Technology has also made it easier for illicit relationships to be uncovered,” she told the paper. “People forget to close or properly delete emails, text messages are sent or received but not deleted, and photographs can appear on Facebook which although they might appear on a totally unconnected person’s Facebook page, disclose to the whole world the nature of relationships,” she said.

Illicit Encounters, the UK’s leading dating site, actually compiled a scale by which one can see how many people are cheating in a given area, called the Infidelity Index. The site mapped the location data of its 1.1 million members against each town’s adult population to find the most adulterous towns, cities, and London boroughs in the country.


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