Man tries to bribe wheelchair-bound woman after sexually assaulting her

MARCH 14, 2018

A Phoenix man has been accused of sexually assaulting a female neighbor, who he was assisting as she is wheelchair-bound and needed help with certain tasks. According to reports, after the assault, 59-year-old Jerry Wayne Wireman gave the victim cash in hopes that she would take the money and not report the incident.

According to KGUN-9 in Ariz., Wireman had been helping the woman bathe and get in and out of bed and during the last two months.

One evening, Wireman alleged sexually assaulted the woman while helping her get into bed, court paperwork said. The victim fought back by slapping and choking him. 

Wireman allegedly gave the victim $20 to stay quiet, court documents said. 

Upon his arrest, Wireman denied the sexual assault but said the woman would often not wear any underwear when going to bed and “It was inevitable that something would happen.”