A new feature for DML News alerts and notifications

NOVEMBER 16, 2017

Written by DML
With Facebook giving us the sort of unfair treatment it does, we are now implementing every possible tool to ensure our readers and supporters are kept informed throughout the day.

Thus, our DMLNews.com website now offers desktop notifications, and I must admit I love this feature as much as I do the DML APP — maybe even more.

I use my cell at various times during the day, but I am on my Apple Mac notebook CONSTANTLY.

I do more on the Mac than on my cellphone for sure. So, when I am not working the website, I don’t see the latest articles unless I stop and look at the DML APP. But with the new desktop notifications, I am in the know at all times and in real time.

If you haven’t seen it already, the next time you go to DMLNews.com via your desktop / laptop / notebook, you’ll get a pop up box asking if you want to accept DML notifications. Click the “agree” button.
NOTE: Some browsers will ask you to confirm by clicking a second “agree” button.

Once you click “agree,” you are done! From then forward, every time we post a new article to DMLNews.com, you will see a small bubble alert appear on your screen at the top right. The bubble alert will provide the title of the new article. When you click the bubble, you’ll be taken to the story on DMLNews.com.

This feature costs absolutely nothing, and it’s not intrusive whatsoever.

With Facebook dictating what you do and do not see in your news feed, this is the best notification system for desktop that I have ever seen! To get started, simply go to DMLNews.com and it will appear.


PS — Although I remain blocked from my account on Facebook, the page is still up and operating.  That said,  I will try to record a video Friday and have my writers publish it to the page, plus to YouTube, Twitter and DMLNews.com.