NEW: TeamDML launches, feedback we’ve received

DECEMBER 2, 2018

Written by DML
The launch of took place Saturday, and as we expected it would result in everyone coming in at the same time. Thus, we experienced some page interruptions and general crashes. But our IT team kept working on the fixes and within a few hours all was smooth.

Although the crashes have stopped, it’s still running a little slower than we’d like, but with each hour it improves.  Within a week we will be fully humming.  We will continue to monitor progress and make improvements to the website and the server capacity to ensure smooth use of all functions available.  We are working all day today on email answering questions and concerns, so use [email protected]

If you prepaid for a TEAM DML membership but have not gone to the new website, please go to today and get started.

If you have been waiting for the monthly subscription service to be available, go to and get started today.

Here are some of the comments we’ve received about the new service:

“Love it, will get some getting used to compared to Facebook flows, but I love it.” – Kathy

“Reading the news without the ads if HEAVENLY.” – Suzanne

“I like the ads free news but like the way it all looked on DMLNEWS better.” – Becca

“I can see myself getting addicted to this!” – James

“I give website layout a B+, no ads A+, functions A, content offered is too early to tell but as a Level 3 person I can see how this will scale. DML and team have done a great job with this platform and I think it will grow.” – SJ


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  1. Diane Holley December 2nd, 2018 at 11:12 am

    Can I upgrade to level 2 and pay monthly? I got level one thinking I would be able to watch the walk and talks, my fault just need help.


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