NFL pulling money from breast cancer and veterans groups to fund social injustice efforts


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The NFL continues to stoop to new lows. The NFL is a disgrace, and any person who watches or attends a game should be ashamed of themselves. There is no other way of saying it.

Not only does the disrespect for the American flag and national anthem continue to continue each Sunday, but the disgraced league announced earlier this week that it is giving $89,000,000 to support the “social injustice” nonsense spewed by its players.  And to make mattes worse, it was revealed days ago that the money is being drawn from funds originally set aside to help meaningful charities.

In an interview with, San Francisco 49er star, Eric Reid announced that the NFL is financing the battle against “social injustice” by using money it had originally planned to give to breast cancer charities and the “Salute to Service” veterans fund.

The NFL announced the deal as a way of settling with a group of spoiled athletes led by disgraced quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who is no longer in the NFL due to his lack of talent.  Also supporting Kaepernick are Philadelphia Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins and retired NFL wide receiver, Anquan Boldin.

The announcement by the NFL last week was eye-opening to begin with, but when Reid explained where the money stemmed from, it was nearly impossible to grasp.

To little surprise, when the NFL announced the deal they didn’t reveal much about the money.  The league said the owners would be allowed to allocate funds into “projects dealing with criminal justice reform, law enforcement/community relations and education.”  Reid, however, gave the information many people like myself had been wondering — where is the $89M coming from?

According to Reid, the money spent on these projects is hefty but it’s not like the owners have to search for it.  The funds are there already — the money is simply being reallocated from existing charitable projects.

“In the discussion that we had, Malcolm [Jenkins] conveyed to us—based on discussions that he had with the NFL—that the money would come from funds that are already allocated to breast cancer awareness and Salute to Service,” Reid revealed  to “So it would really be no skin off the owners’ backs: They would just move the money from those programs to this one.”

Reid was part of the “take-a-knee” group that approached the NFL, but he and a band of other players withdrew their names from the Kaepernick led group.  According to Reid, he and the others were not comfortable when learning where the money was coming from.  Especially when considering how many of the players have tried to sell the idea that protesting the national anthem had nothing to do with disrespecting veterans.

The fact that the NFL and Roger Goodell is permitting this to take place is beyond mind-blowing.  It’s as if they have a death wish for the league.

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