Officer kills suspect who mowed down pedestrian in Philly (video)

JANUARY 29, 2018

An alarming incident occurred in Philadelphia Monday morning, when a man driving a black Honda was reportedly trying to run over multiple pedestrians on a sidewalk, and managed to mow down one man who had to be hospitalized.

However, police are keeping mum on the suspect’s identity.

About 7:30 a.m., a bicycle officer reported that a car was “driving erratically” and attempting to run over pedestrians in South Philadelphia. The driver did manage to run over one person, before another driver managed to block the car’s path, forcing him to stop.

An off-duty detective approached the suspect, who became combative and struggled with the officer. A witness described it as the suspect “attacked” the officer.

The detective reportedly then fired “about 10 shots,” finally hitting the suspect in the head. The suspect was transferred to the hospital, where he later died.

Police have not released the identity of the suspect, only to confirm that he was a 30-year-old man with an Arlington, Virginia driver’s license, and was driving a black Honda with a Maryland license plate.

During a news conference Monday, Police Commissioner Richard Ross said the struggle between the detective and the suspect was caught on camera, and said the incident remains under investigation. Ross said he was “concerned about the number of shots fired at the suspect,” as the suspect was “not armed.”

The detective did receive multiple injuries to his face, back of his head and his shoulder during the violent struggle. He has been placed on administrative duty while the matter is being investigated.

The pedestrian was a 40-year-old man who was flipped onto the hood of the suspect’s car when he was struck. He reportedly managed to get back to his feet and walk being struck, but was hospitalized and treated for his injuries.