OpEd: The surprise 2020 candidate panicky Dems really want

OCTOBER 7, 2019

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Earlier this year, left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore begged Michelle Obama to run for president in 2020; apparently, he is not alone.

Washington insiders report that Democratic Party officials are also urging the former first lady to enter the race. They see Joe Biden’s campaign in free-fall, with polling and donations dropping, and they are panicked that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren grows more inevitable by the day. Warren, they think, is way too liberal to win a national election. (They are correct.)

The article goes on to state the following:

Hence, the overtures to Mrs. Obama, the most admired woman in the country, according to Gallup polls. And not only in the U.S.; according to a YouGov survey, Michelle is the most admired woman in the world. Admittedly, for that honor, she displaced actress Angelina Jolie, whom most would not consider presidential material, but even so…

In her opinion editorial, Peek notes that former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign is floundering, and the 2020 leaders today “are no lock to beat President Trump.”

Peek contends that Democrats are looking for a “miracle outsider” to win back the White House, and suggests that Michelle Obama could be their ticket – if she would run.

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