POLL: If amnesty is granted will you give up on this administration?


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Written by DML
“I was never into politics, but I got involved this time because I wanted to make America great again.  If he grants amnesty, not only did Trump lie to me, but he will kill my spirit and I will go back to expecting America will forever be on the decline.”

The above quote is just one of thousands I’ve received from DML readers who see Trump’s love affair with illegal aliens as the final straw.  If amnesty is granted they are done with not only him, but with politics in general.

It’s hard to blame them.  It’s like the person who falls in love and gets married only to be cheated on in the first year of the marriage.  Do you forgive and forget and pretend like a cheater is not a cheater, or do you cut ties and save yourself the heartache of it happening over and over again.

Each of us deal with being deceived by Trump in different ways.  Some are trying to justify Trump’s failure to keep his promise about amnesty as a means of getting a wall , which I believe will never be built.  And if it is, it will fail to solve the underlying problems that stem from Mexico and Latin America.  Others say it’s the end of the road for them, as they’ve looked the other way with Trump and his childish tweets for too long.  He is not a man of his word, and he cares about himself only.  These are two very different approaches, and both come with passion.

I ask you this: “If Trump signs a bill that grants amnesty, will you give up on this administration?

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