POLL: Do you approve of Trump issuing the ‘fake news’ awards?

JANUARY 18, 2018

Days ago, President Trump promised to issue ‘fake news awards’, in response to the ongoing battle with mainstream media.

The ‘awards’ were postponed once, and rescheduled for Wednesday, January 17. Trump left the media up in the air about just when or where this awards ceremony would be held, but Wednesday evening, he followed through with his promise – on Twitter.

The list of ‘winners’ was hosted on the GOP website, and when Trump sent out the tweet with the link to the website, the response was so great that the website temporarily crashed.

Trump’s list included 10 ‘fake news’ reports, with the “Russian collusion” investigation coming in at eleventh place. CNN received the top honors, being credited with 4 ‘fake news’ reports on the list. The New York Times was listed twice.

Trump’s list came out on the same day that Democratic Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona blasted the president in a speech on the House floor, over his attacks on the media.

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