POLL: Do you agree with Trump on ‘re-opening’ America?

MARCH 24, 2020

“I’d love to have it open by Easter,” said President Donald J. Trump on Tuesday in reference to resurrecting the U.S. economy by returning Americans to normal daily life.

“I would love to have it open by Easter,” he said, during a virtual town hall event on Fox News. “I will tell you that right now.”

Trump wants to end the strict preventative measures his administration imposed last Monday, calling for “15 Days to Slow the Spread,” a 15-day call for social distancing that has Americans out of work, in their homes and avoiding social gatherings of more than 10 people.

The “15 Days” initiative ends on Sunday, and Easter, which falls on April 12, is another 13-days after that.

Trump has said American was not set up to be shut down, and he believes American’s can do two things at once, namely continue to do things to slow the spread of the deadly virus while still going about their lives.

He said it is “absolutely possible” to get America back to work within that time frame, saying American’s need to continue practicing “all of the things that we’re doing now.”

American’s are currently being asked to practice social distancing, giving those around them 6-feet of space; practice good hygiene, such as frequent hand-washing and thorough cleaning of surfaces; and avoiding behaviors that spread disease such as shaking hands.

“We have to get our country back to work. Our country wants to be back at work,” Trump said.

The timeframe announcement comes as 20 Democratic lawmakers on Capitol Hill sent Trump a letter calling for him to issue a two-week, nationwide shelter-in-place order “immediately.”

“Our current actions to stem the tide are not enough. The total number of COVID-19 cases and deaths have nearly doubled over the last 48 hours. At this rate, we will surpass one million confirmed cases and 13,000 deaths within the next ten days,” they wrote.

“To effectively slow COVID-19’s spread, we must issue a shelter-in-place order for the entire country lasting at least two weeks, excepting only travel for essential services like grocery stores and health care providers, and to and from the workplace for critical workers,” the lawmakers said in the letter.

All of that in mind, we ask you: Should Trump reopen America by Easter, or should he wait and either keep the current “Slow the Spread” initiative in place or issue even more extreme measures?


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