POLL: Is it fair for Trump to blame Jeff Sessions for Hillary not being investigated


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The people of Alabama were chanting “lock her up” Friday evening during a rally in Alabama. The rally-goers were referring to former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The Friday night rally was attended by President Trump in support of Luther Strange who is running in a special election for the US Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions after he took on the attorney general position.

The “lock her up” chants came after Trump said Hillary Clinton would have killed the Second Amendment had she been elected president. “She would have taken your guns if she would had won, believe me,” said Trump.

Playing to the crowd, Trump walked around the podium with his hands raised in the air while the “lock her up” chants echoed through the event hall. When he returned to the podium, President Trump responded to the chants by telling his supporters that they’d have to “speak to Jeff Sessions” about why she isn’t locked up.

“You’ve got to speak to Jeff Sessions about that,” Trump said, after allowing the “lock her up” chants to continue for several seconds.

The “lock her up” chant became as popular as the “build the wall” chant during the 2016 campaign. And Trump vowed to investigate Clinton if he was to win the election. But he backed off the promise once he won in November.
after the election, Trump told supporters “we don’t care” about the chant anymore. “That plays great before the election — now we don’t care, right?” Trump said at a rally in Michigan in December.

So, the question we ask you is this: Is it fair of Trump to blame Sessions for not going after Clinton when it was Trump who broke his vow to do so after the election, or do you blame Sessions regardless?

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