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JUNE 13, 2022

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FIRST ON FOX: Republican Florida Senator Rick Scott on Monday released the latest installment in a series of television ads targeting President Joe Biden and promoting Scott’s “Rescue America” plan.

“Joe Biden has destroyed America’s economy,” Scott says in the ad. “It’s time to be honest with the American people. Joe Biden is unfit for office and should resign.”

The ad features a video of the president referring to Sen. Scott as being from Wisconsin, and warns that Biden is forcing America into a recession. In a previous ad, Scott called Biden “incompetent and confused.”

Scott posted the ad to his Twitter account Monday afternoon:

Fox News explains that Scott’s ads “are part of a seven-figure television buy to promote Scott’s “Rescue America” plan: an 12-point guide for how Republicans can “save this country” should they reclaim power after the midterms.”

If Biden did resign, Kamala Harris, as the current vice president, would assume the role of the president.

Other conservatives are suggesting that Republicans should impeach Biden if they retake the majority in 2022.

Again, Harris would then become the president.

According to the 25th Amendment, if a president is removed and the vice president becomes president, the former vice president would then select another individual to become the new vice president, who would then need to be confirmed by a majority vote from both Houses of Congress.

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