POLL: Should other states follow California’s law giving free healthcare to illegal aliens

JULY 10, 2019

Fox News reports: Gov. Gavin Newsom, D-Calif., signed a bill into law on Tuesday making young illegal immigrants eligible for the Medicaid program in California, making it the first state to offer such taxpayer-funded health benefits to low-income adults age 25 and younger regardless of their immigration status.

State officials said they expected the plan to cover about 90,000 people and cost taxpayers $98 million. California already covered children 18 and younger regardless of immigration status.

The law will not give health insurance benefits to everyone 25 and younger, but only those whose income is low enough to qualify.

There is an old saying: “How California goes, so goes the country.”  Today’s poll challenges that saying.

Should you state and others follow California’s lead in giving free healthcare to illegal aliens?

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