POLL: Do you want the president to lower the number of refugees, if so to what number?


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As a candidate, Obama promised to fundamentally transform America. As the president, he kept his promise.

One of the ways in which he changed the U.S. was through immigration, both legal and illegal.

For example, Obama’s ‘catch and release’ program at the southern border resulted in the United States receiving a large wave of illegal alien families and underage minors, some of them MS-13 gang members.

These people were permitted to go anywhere they wanted in the U.S. to work and live, many of them without the fear of deportation.

President Obama also increased the number of refugees America accepts each year.

On Wednesday, DML News reported that the deadline nears for the Trump administration to set a ceiling for refugee admissions. Some people are calling for the president to lower the number to under 50,000 — the lowest since 1980. In comparison, President Obama approved 110,000 refugees in 2016.

We ask DML News readers: “How many refugees would you like for the upcoming year?”

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