POLL: What was the worst scandal in the Obama administration?

JANUARY 11, 2020

In a Friday interview, former secretary of state and failed presidential candidate John Kerry said President Barack Obama’s administration was scandal-free.

“I believe Joe Biden is the only person who has the set of relationships around the world, who has had this unbelievable breadth of experience as chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and then as vice president for eight years — and in an administration, by the way, which never had a whiff of scandal,” Kerry said in a conversation explaining his endorsement of Biden for president.

(Watch Kerry’s interview here.)

“The Massachusetts Democrat’s claim of no scandals over the Obama administration has also been repeated by Biden himself,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“The 2020 candidate claimed days after launching his campaign that there was ‘not one single whisper of scandal’ when he and Obama were in office,” the Examiner noted.

In an opinion piece titled, “Joe Biden parrots laughable falsehood that the Obama administration was scandal-free” for the Examiner, Becket Adams writes:

To claim the previous administration — or any previous administration for that matter — was scandal-free is to engage in a falsehood that would be laughable, were it not so breathtakingly shameless.

During the Obama era, in which Biden served all eight years as vice president, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives spearheaded a disastrous “gunwalking” operation in which it lost track of 1,290 firearms from a total of 2,000 that it allowed to be purchased illegally and circulated into Mexico. One of the firearms was used later in the murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. In the ensuing congressional investigation, America’s top law enforcement officer, Eric Holder, who actually described himself as the president’s “wingman,” was held in contempt by lawmakers, making him first attorney general in U.S. history to hold that distinction.

Adams went on to list the following scandals:

  • 542 drone strikes authorized by the Obama admin, “resulting in the deaths of an estimated 3,797 people, including 324 civilians, according to the Council on Foreign Relations” and at least seven American citizens were killed by drone strikes
  • the Internal Revenue Service was used to target conservative groups
  • Obama’s intelligence chief lied to Congress about secretive surveillance activities
  • 307,000 veterans died awaiting medical attention, prompting Obama’s secretary of Veterans Affairs to resign in disgrace
  • Obama’s secretary of state set up a private server (used to conduct official business, including communicating with the president and for transmitting classified material) “in her bathroom so as to avoid record-keeping laws and procedures”
  • the Obama Justice Department spied on journalists
  • Obama presided over the largest data breach in the federal government’s history at the Office of Personnel Management

There was also a marked lack of transparency severe enoughto prompt 47 of Obama’s 73 inspectors general to sign an open letter denouncing the administration for stonewalling their investigations in 2014.

Then there’s Iran. Douglas Mackinnon wrote in a piece for The Hill, “President Obama … deliberately chose a policy of appeasement and cash payoffs instead of strength and accountability as the way to deal with Iran.

“I spoke with a former senior intelligence official who said that much of the $1.8 billion cash payoff from the Obama administration was used explicitly to fund terrorism as an additional “screw you” from the leaders of Iran — including Soleimani —  to the United States.

“The cash payment authorized by Obama is one of the most disgraceful and shameful ‘negotiations’ in the history of our nation. It was a payment the Obama White House first denied, then ignored and then grudgingly acknowledged.”

All this from a Nobel Peace Prize-winner who once joked in 2011: ‘Turns out I’m really good at killing people. Didn’t know that was going to be a strong suit of mine,'” Adams notes.

Rasmussen compiled a timeline that showed “the number of times that ‘scandal’ or ‘scandals’ or ‘scandalous’ appeared within 15 seconds of a mention of ‘Obama’ or ‘Trump’ on the combined airtime of CNN, MSNBC and Fox News from July 2009 through September 29, 2019, using data from the Internet Archive’s Television News Archive processed by the GDELT Project.”

It found that “while Obama’s first term was largely free of scandal references, his second term was defined by a steady stream of them.”

After Kerry’s no scandal claim, Twitter users pounced, supplying a long list of scandals that happened during the Obama administration. They remembered the same scandals above.

With all of that in mind, we ask you: What was the worst scandal under Obama?



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