POLL: Will you take a flight in a self-flying commercial airplane?

BY TEAM DML / OCTOBER 12, 2017 /

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A new report is claiming that self-driving airplanes are soon to be a reality.

Airbus is developing an autonomous air taxi dubbed Vahana. The tilt-wing, multi-propeller craft is designed to take off and land in tight spaces and is able to fly approximately 50 miles before its batteries need recharging.

Boeing has said the basic building blocks of the technology to build full-size commercial airplanes are available. Key elements, including the artificial intelligence system, would enable the computerized aircrafts to make decisions that pilots would make. Testing will begin next year.

There is already the self-driving car, and commercial-sized self-driving trucks are being rolled out now. The question is, would you be willing to take a flight knowing there is no pilot and that everything relies on a computer?

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