POLL: Will you be upset if Trump caves on amnesty?


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DACA was put in place by President Obama in 2012. The program provides a safe haven for younger illegal aliens (“Dreamers”) to legally work and live in the U.S. without fear of deportation.

When Trump was campaigning, the promise he made was simple: “I will enforce the rule of law.” He also promised to rid Americans of DACA.

Trump, nine months into his presidency, put an end to DACA, but not as promised.

Last week, his administration put an end to the program in the sense that it will not take any new applicants, but it left the protections in place for current Dreamers provided by DACA. Furthermore, it gave Congress six months to deal with the program and told them to “do the right thing.”

In short, Trump wants DACA legalized. This is a complete flip flop from his campaign promises.

On Wednesday evening, Trump met again with Democrat Party leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to discuss a deal for the Dreamers. Although the president is somewhat back peddling Thursday about what he did and did not agree to, the president showed his hand by tweeting out about protecting the “Dreamers.” The president appears to be siding with the Democrats on this issue. If agreed to, the 800K or more illegal aliens will be put on a pathway to citizenship.

QUESTION: “If the president supports and approves DACA and citizenship for illegal alien “Dreamers,” will you be upset?

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