Report: American millennials to be hurt the most by DACA


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If the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is continued, or its recipients granted a path to citizenship, millennials will be forced into direct competition with so-called Dreamers for college admission, job opportunities, and wages.

In a Thursday report in the Washington Examiner, writer Sydney Jacobs contends that DACA creates competition in the higher education system that inherently favors illegal immigrants through policies such as affirmative action.

“Dreamers with permits qualify for affirmative action, giving young immigrants an advantage over not just the skilled worker, but also American college applicants,” Jacobs wrote.

DACA recipients have been the beneficiaries of financial aid, college scholarships and in-state tuition in many states, including California, where one out of every four DACA recipients reside.

California has legislated the diversion of funds from the middle class to assist Dreamers through the implementation of the California Dream Act, which declared that illegal alien and nonresident students eligible for state financial aid.

Such an allocation of funds for DACA recipients creates a disadvantage for Americans of similar income classes. Due to the diversion of funds to Dreamers via State Dream Acts, middle-class American students are less likely to receive financial aid from universities and institutions.

DACA also creates competition in the workforce for millions of jobless American millennials, 10 percent of whom are unemployed. More than 800,000 millennials from other countries are competing legally in the workplace for the same occupations in which American millennials are seeking work.

Data from the Migration Policy Institute revealed that there are approximately 2.1 million illegal aliens in the U.S. who are eligible for DACA, in addition to the 800,000 already enrolled.

Jacobs argued that “the ultimate issue facing both millennials and Americans is that DACA allows for unjust amnesty. The United States admits approximately 1 million legal permanent immigrants every year, which is more than any other nation in the world. It is unjust to the millions of Americans and resident legal immigrants who followed the rules.”

Allowing legal status to DACA recipients also adds to the burgeoning problem of illegal immigration through extended family sponsorship.

“This is a slippery slope for America,” Jacobs wrote. “The narrative on DACA touts the promise of the American dream by advertising the many who have benefited from the system. What it fails to mention are the impacts and burdens DACA has thrust upon the American millennials.”

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