REPORT: Couple finds stolen ‘buried treasure’ in their back yard (photos)

MAY 15, 2018

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A Staten Island couple says they unearthed a box of buried treasure right in their own back yard.

Matthew and Maria Emanuel say they were excited after finding a rusted, rotting metal box submerged in dirt at their Wooddale Avenue home while having new trees planted.

The article goes on to state the following:

But they were then stunned to learn the box was actually a safe with $52,000 worth of valuables inside — including wads of wet $100 bills and baggies stuffed with diamonds, gold and jade.

“I thought, ‘We found buried treasure!’ ” Matthew Emanuel told the Staten Island Advance. “We were freaked out. It’s something you can’t make up.”

The report stated that the couple found an address in the safe, indicating it  actually belonged to one of their neighbors, who had been robbed nearly seven years ago. The owners were reportedly thrilled to have their safe and its contents returned to them.

“We realized it must have been them, so Monday morning, I walked on over to their house and knocked on their door,” Matthew Emanuel said. “I asked them if they’d ever been robbed.”

The neighbors said they had — nearly seven years ago, he said.

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